Talent Development

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Dear Talent!

We came across your name as an interesting artist in the music world and we would be thrilled to have the chance to work with you in developing your talent.

We are Rehegoo Music Group, a dynamic label with great ambitions and a great passion for true talents that are aiming to fulfill their dreams and be successful in the music business.

We offer a great deal of benefits to our associates - a remarkable path to success, a unique European touch and finesse that truly make us different in what we do.

We can help you reach out to more listeners and fans through our Music Platform. This will provide the opportunity to further promote yourself, boost your music flow and become more popular!

Please see FAQ list attached to this e-mail to dispel any of the preliminary doubts. It will help you understand what we can offer.

Please give us the possibility to further explain and discuss how we can cooperate with each other and how our partnership can benefit your career and our label.

We are confident that you’ll love what we will do for you!

Thank you,

Market Research Office
Rehegoo Music Group

Contact our Talent Management dept.

Rehegoo Music Cooperation - FAQ

1. What is Rehegoo Music?
Rehegoo Music is a dynamic group that specialize in creating, publishing and distributing digital products such as music compilations of artists, albums, and mobile apps. Our team is very passionate about the work we do, knowledgeable about cutting-edge developments in the digital economy and driven by creativity. Rehegoo Music was founded in 2014 by an Italian entrepreneur Marco Rinaldo, who has always had a great passion for composing and producing music. It started out as a small recording company, releasing albums of talented musicians and singers. The exponential development has allowed it to reach global markets at a record pace. Albums recorded with Rehegoo continuously occupy the TOP 100 charts in their specific genres.
2. How did you find me?
Our numerous Market Research Team members search many streaming platforms, websites, social media every day. So if we found you - it means that there was something promising about you and your music we listened to briefly. Therefore, we want to hear more and see if we can cooperate with each other!
3. Will I have to pay any money for the services you provide?
No, you don't have to pay any fees. The greatest part of our cooperation, besides giving you the ideal possibility to promote yourself - is that Rehegoo Music Streaming platform is free for artists to upload their music via Rehegoo.
4. What are the step-by-step procedures?
Just keep in touch by e-mail with our research specialist that has already contacted you. They will take you through each step. Generally speaking - in the next step we will need some more information about you and your music, therefore, we will ask you to answer a few questions, and in the next email, we will explain further how we can promote you. Then we will ask you to send us a couple of your original tracks, to see if your music and our expectations are on the same wavelength. Later on, we will take you through the details of how our mutually beneficial music-relationship will be created, also explaining the contract and we are all set to start!
5. Can I still work with another labels, platforms, manager, and keep promoting my music elsewhere? Can I still use other distributors?
Rehegoo offers the possibility for Artists to distribute their Works on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. If you chose non-exclusive contract then yes, you can! It is a non-exclusive distribution deal. You don't have to limit yourself in any way while cooperating with us. We can help you reach out more listeners and fans through our Music Platform. This will provide the opportunity to further promote you. The character of our cooperation is your choice. Rehegoo's main goal is to allow all artists to be heard.
6. What will Rehegoo offer?
There are two ways of promoting you; first one is creating the albums or compilation with your music, and selling them / streaming on music platforms: iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, TIDAL (f.k.a. Aspiro), Slacker, Shazam, Amazon, Google Music, NMusic Triple Play, Qobuz, 7Digital, Anghami, Akazoo, Pandora (new 2016), Saavn, iMusica, 24-7 Entertainment, AWA, Ultimate China, Rhapsody, where you are getting paid off your %shares stated in contract for every download and stream.
Another one is our Rehegoo Streaming Music platform; where royalty free music is offered, so this way you can reach a wide group of fans, and whenever someone buys a license for your track you are getting paid as well. This is a great way to advertise yourself and make yourself grow, as your music can be recognize being played on big events, big venues, in public spaces, in advertisements.
7. Will my music be distributed only in digital format or also CD / Vinyl?
At the moment we offer music of our artists to be distributed by digital means only. We can proudly say that we have sold over 2,5 million digital albums and hits, with over 3 billion plays on streaming services each year.
8. Where will you upload my music?
Rehegoo Streaming Platform of course (launch spring 2018) and also all the stores we cooperate with (available straight away), like:
iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, Shazam, Amazon, Google Music, Rhapsody, AWA, iMusica, Pandora, Slacker, 7Digital, Qobuz, Anaghami and more.
You will be getting this information in detail in e-mails send anytime we use your music.
9. When will you upload my music on Rehegoo Music Streaming platform and other platforms?
It depends on the character of an album, playlist, compilation: because we are not only „distributing” your music; if needed we create all the graphic content, cover, metadata. If this or similar marketing actions will be required in order to create an album- it might take a week or two or so for our Marketing Specialists to get everything ready to publish the new album. We will inform you whenever we promote your music or create an album.

The streaming platform will launch in spring 2018 and you could be one of the first to take part in our big community. Therefore, we are already looking for great artists to cooperate with. You have an opportunity to be one of the first artists to be promoted on this platform.
10. How will you pay me?
Our Streaming platform will also have the option for the users to download the music they like, so if this happens for your music, of course, you will recognize your part of the payments from downloads. You will also get your share from downloads and streaming on any other platform we cooperate with (i.e. iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer etc.).
11. Do I have to travel to your headquarters to cooperate?
No, you don't have to. Rehegoo's offices are based in the United States and in Europe. We distribute our content worldwide through the biggest digital media platforms including our Rehegoo Music Streaming platform, which allows us to reach people in every corner of the world. We use special software and systems for digital signatures to be able to bind our cooperation legally even at a distance.
12. Why do you need my ISRC codes assigned to tracks in the past?
ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is a unique identifier assigned to a sound recording. It is used to monetize music and is required to enable this function for the song. When distributing a song, always use the same ISRC code in all territories and music services.
Recording owners assign ISRCs to their recordings, following a simple process. The ISRC system is designed to enable each distinct recording to be identified by a unique ISRC. To allow this, recording owners register to obtain ISRC Registrant Codes, which form the basis of the ISRCs assigned to recordings.
Owners of recordings may, for example, be independent artists, record labels or recorded music groups. ISRC is available to all owners of recordings regardless of their membership (or not) with any industry association.
If your track has not been released anywhere yet, or for any other reason there is no ISRC yet assigned, we will take care of issuing the new unique ISRC. These codes will be available for you to see in reports we will be sending to you on a regular basis.
113. What will happen with my tracks once I send to you to be evaluated?
The tracks you will send to us will be used for in-house purposes only. We will not use your music in any way, apart from to be checked and rated by our Quality Music Specialists - until both parties (you as an artist and Rehegoo NY Corp.) sign the contract, we cannot use your art in any other way. If you decide not to sign the contract in the next step, the music you have sent to us will not be passed any further and will be simply erased from our systems. Next, if approved by our Quality Music Specialists team, these tracks will potentially appear in the queue to our Rehegoo Streaming Platform & other affiliated sites.
14. How do I get paid from compilation album with different artists?
The full royalty will be split between the number of tracks, so if it is a compilation of ten tracks the price is $10 and the share stated in the contract is for example 50%, each track gets $0,5. The final amount is up on the % share stated in your contract with Rehegoo.
15. Can I use DJ mixes, remixes or covers?
Unless you have permission from all concerned parties, it is not possible to upload songs with uncleared samples. You are welcome to upload remixes of your own work. However, if your remix is of another artist's song, or contains any part of another artist's original music without the clearance, we do not want you to use it. It is your responsibility to send us only the music you have rights/ clearance to. If we receive any complains or claims from any platform or person we will redirect that claim right to you as a person responsible for the content of music stated as yours.
16. How can I access the statistics and profits?
Rehegoo team that takes care of payments will be sending reports on a regular basis. This is stated in detail in the contract. Also, the interface on Rehegoo Streaming for the artist will display some information about statistics and earnings.
17. Do you register my songs with Performing Rights Organization? Ex. ASCAP/ SIAE / BMI
No, we do not register your music with any agency or organization. We are only the distributor. You don't need to be registered with a Performing Rights Organization in order to collect your earnings from the stores you distribute to via Rehegoo Music.
A Music Specialist will be at your service to provide you with all the needed information, and you will be able to get more familiar with the mechanics of Rehegoo Streaming Platform and dispel any doubts you might have. But first, we need to see if your music and our expectations are on the same track. We won't do anything without you getting to know all the needed information and before you are able to agree with them. All of these will be presented to you in the next stages, very clearly and with all the details.