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Rehegoo Music
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Rehegoo Music Group is a globally recognised music publisher that specialises in producing and distributing the musical work of up and coming artists via digital music stores, streaming services and sync platforms. Our fiercely passionate team is driven by a constant thirst for innovation and creativity with an extensive knowledge of cutting-edge developments in the field of music and technology.

The primary goal of Rehegoo is to promote undiscovered artists, allow their music to be heard and guarantee they are sufficiently rewarded for their artistry. Aside from offering royalty free sync licensing, we have an additional team of highly accomplished in-house composers that produce music on request for films, TV, advertising, games and mobile apps.

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About Us

Rehegoo was founded in 2014 by Italian entrepreneur, Marco Rinaldo. Its beginnings were as a small recording company releasing the albums of gifted musicians and singers.


Our rapid growth has seen us conquer the global digital markets at record pace. Music recorded & produced with Rehegoo continuously occupy the TOP 100 charts in their respective genres.

With Love

Rehegoo's number one priority is to give artists a platform to be heard. Our deep affection for music continues to inspire us to provide the highest quality experience for those who create and those who listen.


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At last, it’s here! The long-awaited Rehegoo Streaming Platform is finally launched. After over a year of careful development and preparation, our streaming service offers royalty-free music for businesses of every kind. The sleek, modern, easy-to-use platform gives business owners easy access to curated playlists, featuring music from our thousands of signed artists from around the world. From spas, to restaurants, fitness studios, and hotels alike, the music of our talented team of musicians will be gracing the ears of listeners worldwide. For an affordable price, business owners will have instant access to our massive sound library, to set the ambiance for any mood at the click of a button.

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rehegoo streaming platform


Rehegoo Chrsitmas 2021

Another year has gone by at Rehegoo Music Group.
We have accomplished a lot of great things this year. From signing talented new artists from all over the world, establishing great partnerships, and continuing to develop our people and our products to bring you the very best from Rehegoo.

We still have many more things to accomplish in 2022 and cannot wait for the new year to start. To celebrate our results of 2021 and regain new power for 2022 we had an amazing Christmas party in our European headquarters including delicious meals, endless drinks, and a very special performance from a talented rock band, helping us dance the night away.

We want to wish our Rehegoo family and friends a very Merry Christmas, and we cannot wait to continue working with you in 2022 – a year that will be revolutionary for us as a company and for our artists.


Latest from the BLOG

gerry tendler Q&A


Fiammetta Poidomani is a musical performer, singer and songwriter. Born in the extreme south of Sicily, she grows up in a very stimulating family environment: she starts singing and playing the guitar at a very early age, performing in a duo with her sister, and writing songs with her mother, who always supports her. She […]

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gerry tendler Q&A

Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo was born in Lanciano (ch), Italy, in 1986. His passion for music began to manifest in the early years of his life. He studied classical piano for 13 years and enrolled in the conservatory starting from the year 2019/2020. He studied rock blues electric guitar and got a degree at the Lizard Academy […]

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gerry tendler Q&A

Mother Mary Mood

Mother Mary Mood is a grunge/rock band based in Italy formed in 2009 in San Diego, CA by the two brothers Lorenzo and Filippo Spanò, Marco Formosa, Marco Mantini and Alessandro Beltrame. They started performing in California, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Mexico. Mother Mary Mood is not a band to be taken lightly both […]

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gerry tendler Q&A

Luly Noir

Lourdes Micol Noir, artistically known as LULY NOIR, is a young Argentinian singer, actress, composer, pianist and performer. She was born in Buenos Aires on April 7, 1997. At the age of 11 she started her artistic career performing in several musicals using the vocal technique of lyrical singing. In February 2016 she ventured as […]

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