Rehegoo Music brought a sensational music touch to the “Intervalli Festival” in Padova, Italy

Intervalli Festival is a 5-day music & art fair that celebrates the beauty of contemporary art performances, music concerts of up-and-coming artists, talk panels, and screening of short films made by young, local directors.

Rehegoo was delighted to be a part of such an extraordinary event, supporting promising local talents and celebrating art. Alongside providing a musical experience and setting the perfect atmosphere as an official event partner.

Intervalli Festival has been a call to the arts and artists! After the pandemic had distanced the artist from their audience, we decided to put the audience at the centre of many works and performances, making them dialogue directly with the artists and experiencing the shows around them as protagonists.
The partnership with Rehegoo gave even more value to all this, not only for providing the background music, but above all for its philosophy, which fitted in perfectly with the concept of the Festival.
Francesco Valandro, Festival Organizer

Rehegoo Music releases a debut album Mujeres de Arena y Otras Historias from Amilcar Soto Rodriguez and the Latin Grammy Award-winner Susana Baca.

After 3 years of hard work setting up the perfect combination of musicians, Amilcar Soto Rodriguez has released his debut album: “Mujeres de Arena y Otras Historias”, which is out now on all platforms thanks to Rehegoo Music Group.

The album combines traditional Afro-Peruvian rhythms and sounds with the sumptuous harmonies of classical music and with the innovative twist of jazz and its improvisations. The core of the album is a celebration of the importance of human rights, the purity of love, and the passion for life and music.

This album represents a life journey: it’s birth, and it’s growing development.
The faith and the restlessness of the journey. The search for the meaning of our life… Trying to understand the reason for things.  – Amilcar

The author’s fulfilment arises through his creativity of gathering together over 60 talented musicians.

On “Mujeres de arena y otras historias” hosts the voice of the award-winning singer Susana Baca – key figure of Afro-American folklore, who is also a socially committed scholar of the African tradition in Peru. Known throughout the world, she won a Latin Grammy for Recording of the Year and twice for Best Folk Album.

The album also boasts the participation of the Solisti Veneti Orchestra directed by Maestro Giuliano Carella, an internationally acclaimed conductor.

It was extraordinary to have Susana Baca as a guest singer. Her interpretation brought value and a unique character to the album.
Working with “Solisti Veneti”, next to Giuliano Carrella was a great experience. I was able to understand a little more about the writing and the interpretation of the strings. They are brilliant! – Amilcar

Jazz players such as Alfonso Deidda, Francesco Angiuli, Javier Girotto, Hernan Luciano Fassa and Irene Ermolli have intertwined the variegated jazz harmonies with the rhythms of the Afro-Peruvian tradition, such as the landò, the festejo, the atajo de negritos and the Panalivio.

I think the hardest part was composing and arranging the album itself.
It is like getting naked and being openly vulnerable with your feelings. It is not easy at all as you need to face your own emotions as well. – Amilcar

The quality of the compositions is giving the artist the opportunity to participate in the incoming Latin Grammy contest in 8 categories.

Telling more means expressing the inexpressible; just listen to each song, feel it with your own skin and give it the shape that your experience evokes.



Rehegoo Music donates a scholarship to the best composer of the Pollini Conservatory of Padua

For the second consecutive year we are launching the “Moda e Musica Prize by Rehegoo”, reserved for the students of the Cesare Pollini Conservatory of Padua.
Rehegoo Music decided to award with a scholarship, the winner of the competition that has submitted the best composition.
After a careful evaluation of the compositions submitted by 4 talented students (Nicola Raccanelli, Nicola Privato, Leonardo Rossi and Alessandro Gambato), we decided to nominate Alessandro Gambato as the winner, with his brilliant new music work “The Cover”.

It is a great satisfaction for me to receive this scholarship” explains Alessandro Gambato. “This is the first time I applied in a call like this, and I think it is important for young artists to be encouraged to follow our passion and to receive attention from private music companies.

Rehegoo Music Group is the main sponsor of the Cortina Fashion Weekend

Rehegoo Music Group is once again the main sponsor of the Cortina Fashion Weekend, confirming his presence in the most beautiful location of the Dolomites, in which fashion and our music, will dominate the scene.

Rehegoo Streaming music will be played for the whole length of the event, from the 4th to the 8th of December, all day long, throughout the city centre to suit the different moments of the day.

Therefore all the gathering initiatives were postponed or converted into digital events, Marco Rinaldo,our Founder & CEO explains that our music will still be played and it has been chosen according to the peculiarity of this time of the year, with the aim to create an ethereal and peaceful atmosphere that complements the beauty of the mountains in the backdrop.

Our responsibility is to ensure that people do not feel lonely and to give them a reason to feel relieved thanks to the power of the music, as a way to improve mental, and emotional health.

Rehegoo Streaming is the sound of Negresco Beach club in Italy

The summer season is absolutely fantastic – do you want to know why? You probably guessed it from the title of our news! We are delighted to announce that Rehegoo Music Group will sponsor for the whole summer one of the fanciest beach clubs of the Adriatic coast, the Negresco Beach Club of Jesolo! Rehegoo Streaming will be played all day long in an exclusive new beach concept called “Rehegoo Lounge”, a sophisticated lounge area by the sea in which each customer can take a break from the hot sun of Italy while listening to our great selection of playlists! Our music will be played for the whole summer as a source of audio entertainment during the day to let each guest enjoy the summer vibes even more!

Are you wondering what music we play? Don’t worry, because we are different – our music is unique and adaptable according to the mood of the day to reflect the sophisticated vibe of the Beach Club. Our platform features plenty of independent artists to cover every mood and genre! It’s an awesome opportunity for you to discover new names, and for them to be heard by a brand new fanbase!

Let’s get the party started!

Rehegoo Music launches the “Rehegoo Studio”, partnering with one of the coolest clubs in Italy!

Rehegoo Music Group is proud to announce that we are the main sponsor of the brand-new music club “Musica” in Riccione, one of the coolest holiday destinations in Italy! The venue will host our exclusive “Rehegoo studios” from which Albertino, Italian DJ, producer and M2O radio presenter next to many more DJs will broadcast his program every day direct from the club, with special guests and other musical artists. Rehegoo Studios celebrates our innovative approach to the music industry as a concrete support for up-and-coming artists across the world as well as giving listeners an artist friendly solution to help distribute their music worldwide!

The “Musica” Project, with a sister club in New York City, is ran by the prestigious Cipriani Group, who have a world-renowned reputation in hospitality and events. We are so glad to be part of this project! Loads of great initiatives will happen all along the summer! Stay tuned!


Here at Rehegoo Music we are delighted to announce the launch ‘Rehegoo Streaming’ for personal use. The app gives users access to much of our well-celebrated catalogue whilst being able to explore the Artist Community and scout out some of the world’s freshest musical talent from the comfort of your own home. It is a welcome addition to our initial app offering, providing background music for businesses.

Rehegoo Streaming is an app showcasing the music of thousands of independent artists. With over 120,000 songs curated into more than 1,500 playlists across all genres, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From chilled New Age meditation music to pulsating Rock beats, to smooth Jazz & Classical, it has been designed with every music fan in mind.

With much of our management team hailing from Italy and the country being one of the worst hit by the Corona Virus pandemic, we are giving all Italian residents three months free access. Registration for this is available across Italy until the 31st of May 2020.
The platform is set to be endorsed in Italy by soccer legend Christian ‘Bobo’ Vieri alongside Television personalities, Giorgia Palmas & Elisabetta Gregoraci-so keep your eyes peeled on Social Media!

‘With so many lives disrupted, our immediate thoughts were how we could help the people of Italy. With the power that music can have to heal, energize and unify we hope this app will make everyone’s lives more enjoyable during this difficult time’ affirms our Founder & President Marco Rinaldo.

Rehegoo Streaming is downloadable on IOS & Android or through any web browser and is available to the rest of the world on a 30-day free trial.


Rehegoo Music Group announces our new joint venture with Quincy Jones Productions (QJP) owned by the legendary music industry icon, Quincy Jones.

Mr. Jones, one of America’s biggest stars, has been awarded the Grammy Legend Award for his 79 Grammy nominations. QJP now joins forces with Rehegoo Music to form a new venture: Q&R Music (Quincy x Rehegoo) in order to promote our artists and help them gain exposure to the mass market.

Q&R Music aims to give our hard-working underground musicians access to talent development and promotion.

With Rehegoo’s access to major digital platforms, recording studios, talent management, and industry know-how, we will help underground artists climb the ladder of the music business, guiding them through the various stages of talent development and representation.

Our goals:
• Boost record sales in online stores
• Strategically expose our artists to major digital music platforms
• Provide an additional revenue source via our proprietary, Venue Service Program, Rehegoo Streaming

Our news is quickly spreading through the music industry!

Rehegoo Music at Cortina d'Ampezzo

It was an exciting week in the news for Rehegoo Music! We are pleased to share with you all of the great press coverage we received from our participation in Cortina Fashion Weekend in Italy, where Rehegoo Music served as Musical Director. Our playlist curator, Klaudia Staniek, designed the musical atmosphere for the entire cortina campus. Meanwhile, Rehegoo Music Group awarded a music scholarship to one talented student from the Conservatory Di Pollini. Read all about it in these exciting articles!

Rehegoo Music at Cortina D’Ampezzo

Rehegoo Music is gearing up for an extraordinary weekend at Cortina D’Ampezzo, where we will be serving as music director for the long-awaited Cortina Fashion Weekend! Our playlist curator Klaudia Staniek has designed a musical atmosphere suited for every hour of the day; from soothing morning vibes to fast and fun evening jams! Come join us for some wintertime fun!

Rehegoo celebrates it’s 5th anniversary!

Another year has passed and once again we were able to get together to raise a glass to Rehegoo’s continued success.
With our colleagues joining us from our offices in New York and London it was a chance to reflect on the year gone, share stories, focus on the future and celebrate achievements.
This year has seen notable success for Rehegoo: we launched our flagship product- the Rehegoo Streaming Platform, joined forces with the legendary Quincy Jones to form Q&R music and became members of the Grammy Association.
What better way to celebrate our birthday than with a glass of champagne, some delicious sweet treats and everyone in the Rehegoo family being present.
We look forward to further years of innovation and success and to keep leading the way in the independent music sector.

Rehegoo Sponsors the Boutique Hotelier Personal Service Star Awards

This week in London, Rehegoo sponsored one of the most prestigious hospitality events of the year. The Boutique Hotelier Personal Service Star Awards celebrates the crème de la crème of the hospitality industry, recognising the hard work of the industry’s most notable professionals.

Held at the Hilton Olympia, Rehegoo Streaming provided the music for the evening, and we had the honour of presenting The Spa & Wellness Manager of The Year Award. We would like to pass on our congratulations to all nominees and winners and extend our thanks to Boutique Hotelier for the great event.

‘Marianne & Leonard, Words Of Love’ OUT NOW IN CINEMAS!

‘Marianne & Leonard, Words Of Love’ by Nick Broomfield is out in cinemas now featuring a song by one of our artists Native American Flute.

The documentary is an illustration of the twists and turns of a complicated relationship that produced some of Leonard Cohen’s most famous songs including “So Long, Marianne” and “Bird on the Wire.”

Broomfield, whose past films include “Whitney: Can I Be Me” and “Kurt & Courtney” introduces the film by calling it his first love story.

Watch the trailer here –

Rehegoo Music is accepted into the Grammys!

Rehegoo Music is excited to announce that we’ve been accepted into the Grammy Awards! We can now submit our artists for grammy consideration, vote for the winners, and attend the ceremony! Good luck to our many talented artists!

Rehegoo Music Group published on ROCKONOMICS by Alan B. Krueger

Rehegoo Music Group is extremely humbled to be featured in the book Rockonomics, written by the late Alan B. Krueger, American economist and economic advisor to Barack Obama during his presidency.

The book was released today, June 4th, 2019 and is available worldwide. In his recollection, Krueger talks about visiting our offices, our exponential rise in the music industry, and our impact on the World of Entertainment.

He also details the increase of earnings by our top artists over a 12 month period, showcasing our economic growth not only as a company, but for the artists we represent — describing our business model as “artist friendly, compared with traditional record companies.”

As a creative music label, we are proud to be recognized as one that cares about our artists. We extend our sincere thanks to the late, great, Alan B. Krueger for helping to share our story with the world.

“If the long tail is to offer musicians more opportunity, it is because of innovations like Rehegoo.”
– Alan B. Krueger, Rockonomics 2019

Rehegoo Music Makes Global Headlines with the Launch of Q&R Music

Rehegoo rocked the music industry this month with the grand opening of Q&R Music, our new joint record label with Quincy Jones Productions. We are officially one of the most talked about labels in the music industry right now, as Hollywood continues to buzz about our story. Check us out in some of the world’s biggest music magazines this week, including:

•• Music Radar
•• The Hype Magazine
•• Sounds and Colours (Latin America’s #1 Music Mag)
•• Beat Magazine

While you’re at it, don’t forget to read our features in Celebrity Access Encore, and Red Carpet Magazine, from earlier this year!

And last but not least…

We are humbled to make the front page of Italy’s most respected newspapers, il Corriere della Sera, Il Mattino, and MusicOff

We’re excited to be making waves in the world of entertainment this year! Follow us on social media to stay updated!

Rehegoo Goes Back To Its Roots In Italy

Rehegoo Music Group makes breaking headlines in one of Italy’s most prominent newspapers “Il Mattino di Padova.”

The major news outlet has published an article celebrating our philosophy and innovative approach to teamwork, as well as congratulating us on the launch of Rehegoo Streaming, our new platform designed to provide royalty-free background music for businesses.

We extend our thanks to ‘Il Mattino di Padova’ and their ability to capture the essence of Rehegoo Music Group- our collective spirit and commitment to investing in up and coming talent.

The Rehegoo Streaming platform goes live!

After more than a year of development, we are excited to reveal the launch of Rehegoo Streaming, a music platform designed for businesses. The platform offers curated playlists for restaurants, spas, fitness studios, cafes, hotels, and hundreds of other categories, in order to give business owners an easy way to access royalty-free music. The platform will feature all of our artists under the Rehegoo music label, giving them worldwide exposure as our service reaches all corners of the globe. The rollout of the service will begin this month in Italy, and later extend to the United States, eventually reaching all global markets by the end of 2019.

Check it out at

Rehegoo Music USA opens a new office in New York City

Rehegoo Music USA has opened a new office in Soho Manhattan, just in time for the launch of Q&R Music, our new joint record label with the Quincy Jones Productions.

As Rehegoo continues to take over the globe, our presence in the world of entertainment has spread from London to New York to LA. Returning from a great evening at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, our NYC team is ramping up to discover new talent on the American music scene, and introduce our new platform, Rehegoo Streaming, set to launch next month.

Rehegoo’s music featuring in documentary about Leonard Cohen

We are very proud of our collaboration with award-winning British film director Nick Broomfield on his latest documentary ‘Marianne & Leonard : Words of Love’. The film is being premiered at Sundance Film Festival this week and features music from one of our artists, Native American Flute.

The documentary is an illustration of the twists and turns of a complicated relationship that produced some of Leonard Cohen’s most famous songs including “So Long, Marianne” and “Bird on the Wire.” It is a beautiful yet tragic love story that resists conventional structure, slipping back and forth in time between the lives of the two protagonists.

Broomfield, whose past films include “Whitney: Can I Be Me” and “Kurt & Courtney” introduced the film by calling it his first love story. He himself had a love affair with Marianne Ihlen in 1968, she encouraged him to make his first documentary and became his muse as well as Leonard Cohen’s who loved her until the day he died.

Congratulations to our Rehegoo artist, Native American Flute, on your feature!

For more information and showtimes at Sundance Film Festival –

The New Payout System for Artists is operative!

Rehegoo is proud to announce that our new payout system for artists is starting to pay off! It is paramount to us, that our musicians get paid, no matter how big or small their fanbase is. After a few short months of streaming and distributing, our artists will receive their first payout for their hard and talented work. These royalty distributions will only continue to grow and multiply, as we represent their music worldwide, and reach millions of listeners across the globe.


Another year has gone by at Rehegoo Music Group.
We have accomplished a lot of great things this year. Among many other things we have signed new interesting artists from all over the world, expanded the company considerably and established great co-operations.
We still have many more things to accomplish in 2019 and cannot wait for the new year to start. To celebrate our results of 2018 and regain new power for 2019 we had an amazing Christmas party in our European headquarter including a delicious three-course meal, endless drinks and a very special performance from a talented rock band, helping us dance the night away.

We want to wish our Rehegoo family and friends a very Merry Christmas and we cannot wait to continue working with you in 2019 – a year that will be revolutionary for us as a company and for you as an artist.

Rehegoo Music Group presents the XMAS ALBUM.

Christmas time is coming, so let’s grab a cola-cola & start singing Christmas carols!
We at Rehegoo composed something special in collaboration with the winners of the National Fairytale Song Festival for Children, so why wait?!

Meet our winners and listen to their amazing talent!

Check our unique versions of the Christmas songs and the Xmas album, available on the iTunes store and see what happed in the studio.


Rehegoo Music Group celebrated its fourth birthday.

Surprisingly time flies when we have a great time at work!
Rehegoo Music Group celebrated its fourth anniversary.

It was a splendid chance to get together as a team, discuss new ideas for the future and reminisce about wonderful memories that we share!
We also had a small party in order to celebrate – including a glass of champagne to drink, sweet cupcakes to eat and other commemorative activities, a group photo to remind us where we are right now and what we are hoping to achieve in the future.
We are looking forward to many many more years to come and to grow our Rehegoo Music family!

Rehegoo Music Group to open new office in Italy.

There are always great things happening at Rehegoo Music Group, to keep on track with our constant growing we have decided to expand our network of offices with a brand new location in Italy.

Our new office primary function will be to look after the Italian market for the launch of “Rehegoo Streaming” a dedicated service that offers curated music for public venues and retail, also to cater for our local artists and clients.

For any enquire in regards to our new Streaming service don’t hesitate to contact us

The 52nd Montreux Jazz Festival

The Montreaux Jazz Festival is one of the best music festivals in Europe and also the second biggest annual music festival in the world. It is held annually in early July, on the shoreline of Lake Geneva in Montreaux, Switzerland.
The festival invites the public to a voyage through the offerings of a particularly rich lineup. The program featured jazz heavyweights, delicate folk, and new R&B, hip-hop, rock and electronic sensations.
We were delighted to be a part of such a huge event. It was an honor and a pleasure to be an Official Production Partner.
Our Team was there the whole time ready to help.
We searched and scouted new and fresh talents. We attended music concerts, listening to the biggest stars, immersing ourselves fully in the magic of their music.
The festival was very successful and all our Rehegoo Team is full of new ideas on how to make it even bigger next year!

Rehegoo Official Production Partner 52nd Montreux Jazz Festival

Rehegoo Music Group is proud to announce that we have entered an exciting new agreement to become Official Production Partner of the Montreux Jazz Festival.
Rehegoo Music Group always remains true to its mantra, to give all musicians an opportunity to flourish and be heard! In association with the Montreux Jazz Academy, we will have the opportunity to allow all artists and musicians alike the opportunity to spread their sound across the oceans of the world. We are always trying to evolve in the way we can help the artists around the world, this partnership is the next step on our evolutionary ladder.
Unlike the name suggests, the Montreux Jazz Festival offers a platform for expression to artists – famous and emerging – covering a large array of musical genres. Its 16-day program gives a voice to most genres featuring rock, pop, latino, folk, jazz, hip-hop, electronic music, and many more. It has also the honor of having world renowned musician and record producer, Quincy Jones, as its Global Ambassador. It has a fierce tradition of making music accessible to everyone and creating opportunities for artists of any music genres. This is a festival and academy with great pride, tradition, and dedication, and Rehegoo Music Group could not be more excited in becoming their official sponsor.
We are delighted with the worldwide reach Rehegoo Music Group has gained in recent years, growing in Asia, as well as North and South America, but what this partnership does is solidify our pride in our European roots, and European music and musicians. Rehegoo Music Group and The Montreux Jazz Festival share that passion for music. Moreover, we are passionate about the people making the music, and getting their sounds heard on a global scale. We relish in the opportunity to let our business take artists to the next level. We are the polish a raw talent needs, the final touch on a project; We are here to help bedroom artists move from their bed and their mirror, to the stage and the globe.
We are here for the dreamers, the do-ers, and those who just need that little push in the right direction. We are thrilled at the opportunity The Montreux Jazz Festival has presented us in achieving that goal. Watch this space, and get ready for the next Superstar.

Official Sponsorship The National Festival of the Bajka Song.

We are proud to announce that we are the official sponsor for the First National Singing Competitions for children.
We are excited to help facilitate so much talent! Patricia Kiepiel, the Manager of Artist and Repertoire in Rehegoo, will sit as the main judge of the competition.
It’s the first festival of it’s kind in Poland and we are glad that we can help develop new projects by finding new singing talents.

MIDEM, The International B2B Music Market Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France.

In June Rehegoo attended the international b2b music market, the MIDEM.
Participants from over 80 countries attended the fantastic event which ran over four days in Cannes. The wide range of companies and artists attending was the most impressive part of the experience, and was a huge success for the company. We met a lot of people and managed to make great deals and industry acquaintance for the future ahead.The event also showcase some of the new up and coming artists in different music genres form all over the world with a great settings of live music on the beach front of the popular destination of the French Riviera.

Rehegoo Party & Rehegoo “The Voice” Music Contest

We never forget about our employees because they make the whole company stronger.
A highlight of our calendar is our Christmas Parties and our team building trips. This year we went to Krynica Zdroj in Polish Mountains. We had our very own “Rehegoo Voice” competition. Showcasing the talented singers, and some whose skills may lie elsewhere!
The competitors were fighting to win our own Rehegoo branded Headphones! So much fun was had among everyone in the company.

60th Annual Grammy Awards Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY

Rehegoo again took our annual pilgrimage to the Grammy Awards, this time for it’s 60th anniversary in the esteemed Madison Square Garden.
The star of the night was singer, Bruno Mars who won all six awards he nominated for on the night, including “Record of the Year” for his track 24K Magic.
The night was terrific success and Rehegoo was once again, honored to attend.

Rehegoo Christmas Party

Rehegoo Christmas party was hosted in the European Headquarters.
It was our first event in newly opened Event Room. In absolutely stunning surroundings we got to do a secret santa for all the employees. Santa came and gave us all a gift.
It was an unforgettable night!

Rehegoo Music Group Invited to Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey, US

Rehegoo was officially invited by Alan Krueger, Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University to give key notes speech on the digital music industry.
This is not just an indication on continued shift in the music industry towards digital, but Rehegoo’s growing place as a leader in digital music.
The University had all the prestige and glamour we were expecting and the students were attentive and cordial.
It was certainly a successful trip back to College!

Music Biz 2017, 60th anniversary conference Nashville, Tennessee

Rehegoo attended the Music Business Association’s 60th anniversary conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
Reheego was delighted to join over 2000 attendees for the four day conference with over one hundred panels and discussions, bringing together some of the most exciting names in music together in one place.

Rehegoo Annual Staff Party

Rehegoo annual staff party took place. The theme of the evening due was The Rehegoo Grammy Awards.
The Concept was that different groups of staff members had to work on recreating a music video based on famous song.
The winner of the night was the video created of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
The evening continued with drinks and party.
We deeply care about our people and it’s so nice to get together as a whole team to have fun and celebrate with music outside of the work environment.

59th Annual Grammy Awards Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

Rehegoo again was invited to the Grammy Awards. Such a privilege and we were thrilled to be there.
Adele was the biggest winner of the night with five trophies, including Album of the Year for 25, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year for “Hello”. Adele also became the first artist in history to win all three general field awards in the same ceremony twice, previously winning all three categories in 2012.

Charity auction La Gotita Onlus, Italy

Marco Rinaldo got the opportunity to get to know the Italian professional motorcycle road racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion, Valentino Rossi.
Yamaha put his Yamaha YZR-R1 MY 2016 Motorcycle on auction for the charity La Gotita Onlus, which is committed to supporting Bolivian communities, providing health care and education to less fortunate children and young people.
The entire proceeds of the auction were contributed to finance the project “Rayto de Sol” in Bolivia.

58th Annual Grammy Awards Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

Rehegoo Team attended the Grammy Academy for the first time.
It was hosted at the Staples Center in Los Angeles by Rapper LL Cool J. It was the sixteenth Grammy ceremony to be held at the Staples Center, tying the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles for hosting the most Grammy ceremonies.
It was an incredible experience to be there and meet so many fascinating people, especially Ellie Goulding.