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Rehegoo Music Group is a globally recognised music publisher that specialises in producing and distributing the musical work of up and coming artists via online music stores, streaming services and sync platforms. Our fiercely passionate team is driven by a constant thirst for innovation and creativity with an extensive knowledge of cutting-edge developments in the field of music and technology.

Rehegoo was founded in 2014 by Italian entrepreneur, Marco Rinaldo. Its beginnings were as a small recording company releasing albums of gifted musicians and singers.
Our rapid growth has seen us conquer the global digital markets at record pace. Music recorded and produced with Rehegoo continuously occupy the TOP 100 charts in their respective genres.

Rehegoo’s number one priority is to give artists a platform to be heard. Our deep affection for music continues to inspire us to provide the highest quality experience for those who create and those who listen.

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Marco Rinaldo

Founder & President

Karolina Bressan

CEO Rehegoo Music Group

Mattia Esposito

Head of Operations

Michele Tegon

CTO Rehegoo Music UK

Cesare Romanin

CFO Rehegoo Music Group

Luca Rinaldo

Creative Account Director
Rehegoo Music ITALY

Salvatore Solimeno

Copyright & Sales Support
Rehegoo Music ITALY

Emilia Szymczuk

HR & Admin Manager

Szymon Kulec

Scouting Manager

Michał Szarzec

Music Producer Manager

Klaudia Staniek

Music Director

Natalia Vigneau

Distribution & Sales Manager

Patrycja Kiepiel

Artist & Repertoire Manager

Łukasz Bartoszewski

IT Manager

Beata Ratusznik

Digital Content Manager