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This is how we do it! Find out why we do what we do and meet the Rehegoo team.

Music makes the difference.

The right music played at the right time can change how somebody experiences your business, and how they feel about your content.

Welcome to Rehegoo, a music service provider with a difference.

We’re here to break down the barriers that stop businesses and creators from using the fully-licensed music they need to create the perfect mood.

We do that by working with the world’s best new talent: giving them a platform to get their music heard in physical locations and in digital content seen around the world.

And we give artists full control of their work – as well as the support they need to grow and the chance to make their creativity pay.

How Rehegoo works

We like to keep things simple.

Businesses and creators pay a transparent fee to access the fully-licensed music in our easy-to-search library. The music you find will always be of the highest quality, in both sound and execution.

And there are no complex calculations here, however big or small your budget: no higher charges based on the square footage of your space, no hidden fees.

Meet the team

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