Rehegoo: Born To Be Hassle-Free

Fully-licensed music made simple

The world of music is full of barriers and hurdles that stop music from being accessible and distributed.

Equally, the music world can often be unfair to musicians and talented souls.

Business owners often have challenges with licensing protocols and messy rules for playing music in their spaces. Content creators struggle in finding the right sound for their project and spend HOURS browsing through different content libraries in search of that perfect sound. Artists want to be seen and don’t have the foundational and financial support that music corporations offer.

We’re here to change that.
We’re Rehegoo, a disruptive force in the music industry.

Business owners: we help you find music that perfectly fits your space, your industry and your content, all licensed, so you don’t have to worry with other bills or music admin.

Content Creators: we help you find that perfect sound for your creative project. Browse through our catalogue of thousands songs all available for you to use. All of it is covered under one, non-complicated fee.

Artists: we help your music be heard. We’re here to support and manage your art in the best way possible. We believe in fair pay and Fairplay. No complicated contracts that force you to do 3 TikToks per week. Add new streams of income and make your dreams a reality.

Here’s our manifesto:

Music is powerful.

It can take us back in time.
It can affect our mood.
It can shape our behaviour.
But the world’s full of barriers that stop us from sharing and enjoying it freely.
That’s why we set out to rethink the world of music.
Opening it up to more businesses, artists and listeners.
We start by seeking out undiscovered talent.
We give them support,
We give them tools,
We help them grow and pay them fairly.
And when they’re ready,
We bring their music to new fans.
Because we’ve made it simpler for businesses to access and play it to their audiences.
We’ve taken away the hassle of licensing
and wrapped it in a simple affordable payment package.
And we’re building smarter sounds for the future, making it easy for businesses to play the right sounds at the right time, to drive their results.
This is music as it was meant to be.
Hassle-free for both listener and artist.

Fully-licensed music made simple.

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