Fly Away with Venice Airport

Music takes flight with Rehegoo

By Rehegoo team | 2022-07-18 10:00:00

Our collaboration with Venice Airport was a successful case of how music can blend into different worlds and create something beautiful and purposeful. The partnership consisted in providing live classical concerts at the Airport performed by the Venezia Conservatory B. Marcello and Padova Conservatory C. Pollini to create an artistic and cultural experience for the travellers as they prepare for their journey.

The experience consisted of several concerts in which we’ve promoted local, young artists that attend the Padova and Venezia Conservatory with the goal to provide more than just some live relaxing music to listen to while waiting for catching a flight. These performances were also an opportunity to redevelop the airport lounge into a place of encounter and cultural exchange.

The project expands throughout 16 concerts and some others are in the pipeline for after the summer. So if you happen to be in Venezia Airport this summer, keep an eye out for some great live music!!

Why Venice Airport?

Venezia Airport is not only an international hub where thousands of travellers pass through every day, but it is also the perfect stage to perform live music concerts as it is a silent airport (without sound announcements). This allows everyone to fully enjoy the performance of these amazing musicians and relax while waiting to continue their journey.

The Power of Music

Research highlights that music in the airport's air-side promotes calmness and positivity and that playing music live improves live experience throughout the airport. Those who tend to travel more than 10 times a year, reported with great enthusiasm that the initiative was a welcome introduction to the airport and awarded it top marks. The businesses inside Venice Airport were also appreciative of the concerts and left some great positive feedback.

Rehegoo for Ukraine

Since the war outbreak between Ukraine and Russia, the initiative took a voluntary twist. The Conservatory of Venice in collaboration with local activities has developed a scheme to help out musicians fleeing the war.

These musicians are given the opportunity to continue their studies with the Conservatory. Rehegoo recognises the role of music can be used as an empowering force, supporting artists of all backgrounds and paying them fairly. During these concerts a donation box with 'Music for Peace' written on it is placed to help the conservatory and local organisations pay for the studies and accommodation of Ukrainian musicians who have fled the war. This is also an opportunity for Ukrainian musicians to continue performing in front of an audience! To finish with flying colours, the last event included the presence of two fantastic Ukrainian singers that joined the students for the live concert.

Objectives of This Partnerships

As briefly mentioned above, this initiative wanted to be more than just a great live experience for people to enjoy. Our goal with Venice Airport was to create a space where people fully experience the power that music has in different aspects. It can bring people from different backgrounds together, promote and support independent artists to showcase their talents, make people more aware about what is happening around them, and much more.

We’re always on the lookout for new partnerships to showcase the power of music. Do get in touch with us if you have an idea that can bring smiles to people’s faces, we’d love to hear it!

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