Music for coffee shops and cafes: Curate the perfect playlist

As Shakespeare famously said, ‘If music be the food of love - play on.’ 


At Rehegoo, we think there's nothing better than pairing amazing food, coffee, or even a slice of something sweet with music that feeds the soul. That’s why our bespoke music for cafe playlists has been tried and tested to please even the fussiest of cafe-goers.

There's nothing like creating an atmosphere that has your customers settling down in their new favourite spot, ordering a coffee or two while catching up with an old friend. 

Or perhaps the vibe you're cultivating puts your customers at complete ease, giving them some hard-earned minutes to enjoy their own company and to watch the world go by. 

Whatever mood you are looking to create, cafes and coffee shops are some of the key businesses that benefit from background music.

According to intelligence statistics, the European coffee market has grown exponentially over the past few years, with out-of-home consumption causing a rapid spike that is expected to continue all the way to 2027.

As this caffeine rush appears to not be stopping any time soon, it's key for business owners to start thinking about how they can use music to build a setting that their clients love. 

From tried, tested, and trusted brand names to the fiercely independent, we know how to provide background tracks that will have you, your staff, and your clientele in perfect harmony. 

It's kind of our thing. 

Read on to find out how we can help your cafe legally play music in a public space, without compromising on sound quality or the benefits it can bring to your business. 

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What sort of background music for cafes works well?

There's nothing like getting your teeth into a coffee shop music playlist. 

In the hospitality sector especially, a curated atmosphere can absolutely make or break your customer's experience. As such, the ambiance should be one of your top priorities when it comes to your overall offering - as no one should be left with a sour taste in their mouth from bland background music.

See your brand as a genre

As well as fitting in with how your customers perceive your coffee, food and drinks, music can add another layer to your brand. Coffeehouse music doesn't have to be limited to lo-fi beats or generic filler sound - we'd never dream of giving you just that - especially when it can help your clients get a sense of what you're all about.

Are you a smooth, relaxed cafe open well into the evening? Is your dark roast smoky and a little sensual? Jazz music might be your perfect pairing. 

Or perhaps you're a nostalgic escape from the modern high street, serving up classics from yesterday that never go out of style? Say hello to retro songs. 

Are you all about healthy food options and feeling a little greener, these days? Bright, feel-good music will have your customers going back for seconds or even thirds, with plenty of refills.

Much like a well-prepared menu, the genre of music that you pick can elevate any friendly cafe-style atmosphere into a real experience that's reflected in both the food and the tunes. 

Plus, it'll help your shop stand out from a saturated crowd, creating a vibe that's as unique as you are. 

Conducting a conducive environment

Things work better when there's flow. 

The modern-day coffee shop is more than a place to quickly take a load off ahead of a casual meet-up session. It's also a place where people come to work and study - especially since the hybrid working boom following the pandemic. 

As such, you'll want to create a fantastic environment for students, workers and regular customers alike, without alienating any of your customers in particular. 

Research shows that classical or instrumental music is perfect for creating a healthier working environment, helping to spark those little grey cells into concentrating on the task at hand and prompting a better state of 'flow'.

Of course, a good combination of music is great for maintaining the interest of everyone enjoying your cafe's wares, so businesses might want to dedicate set times for their more studious clientele before switching up their playlists to something more evocative. 

Variety is the spice of life, right?

It's all about tempo 

Chill music makes your customers linger longer - who would've guessed?

But seriously, paying attention to the overall tempo and rhythm of your playlists can impact how your customers consume their coffee and treats, helping you control the overall flow of your business on a day-to-day business. 

Studies into consumer research have shown that playing slower tracks, such as acoustic or low-to-moderate tempo music, can actually make your customers relax into what they are experiencing. 

It allows more time for your customers to dwell and consider their choices, accumulating in a great atmosphere that can actually boost revenue and sales, prompting further purchases to continue the mood. 

Meanwhile, fast-paced music not only pumps up the volume but speeds up the purchase funnel, contributing to an environment that has more people coming in and out with their buys. 

It could also invigorate your staff, helping them get into the 'flow' of the physical aspects of their job - especially when they are serving up orders and flitting around the coffee machine to meet a flurry of customers. 

Are you all ears? 

Why not explore our incredible range of contemporary music with our free 30-day trial, sorted by atmosphere and genre in our intuitive library?

We'll be able to produce the perfect soundtrack for your coffee shop.


How do I get permission to play music in my cafe?

Excellent question.

When it comes to playing any kind of music on your business premises, it's crucial that your tunes are properly licensed first.

Mainstream music is required by law to be licensed by PRS/PPL, which ensures that the tunes you are playing are properly compensated for in the price of you getting a cafe music licence. 

Understandably, this can be confusing for business owners who are just looking to update their current cafe music selection, especially when you might face a penalty or additional surcharge if you are found to have been playing music that hasn't been properly licensed.

That's where we come in, with a truly impressive library of fully-licensed and royalty-free music on tap for you to pour into your playlists at the touch of a button.

Get a taste of Rehegoo 

Although it's easy to think that they would be somewhat separate, the terms royalty-free and fully licensed do actually mean the same thing - so please don't sweat about having to choose between each one! 

In fact, Rehegoo makes it easy-peasy cafe-press squeezy for you to play amazing music in your coffee shop, helping you create an atmosphere that brings 'em back for more every time. 

With us, there's no need to get an overarching music licence, as these Performance Rights Organisations (or PROs) have no rights over our exclusive roster of independent artists. 

That means that the only fee you have to pay is direct to us, which makes us a rather sweet alternative to any bitter fallouts you might have when trying to figure out more complicated licensing deals. 

Plus, we like to serve our clients an entirely new flavour of sound. 

Say goodbye to the same old stuff being played in other coffee joints, as our music for cafes is created fresh, by the best new artists and producing talent from across the world.

Whatever your style or vibe, we have the talent to match your tastes exactly - all wrapped up in a straightforward and cost-effective package. 


Ethical coffee? Pair it with ethical listening

We know how much thought goes into the roast, flavour, and sourcing of your coffee. 

Well, we're exactly the same when it comes to our artists. 

Our artists deserve to be heard, which is why we pair them with some of the biggest sound stages in the world - that's where your business space comes in. 

As well as getting our artists heard by a whole new audience and customer base, when you use Rehegoo for your music needs, you are directly supporting their creative talents and hard work. 

Everyone deserves to be paid for what they produce. That's why your licensing fee goes towards supporting their work directly, meaning that every time their track gets played to perk up the morning crowd or set about relaxing a busy afternoon, they get paid. 

Plus, you'll be supporting our stock of fierce and proud independents, helping them pursue and create amazing work - which you'll get to pour directly into your playlists.

Fairtrade listening goes perfectly with fairtrade coffee, don't you agree?

Find out more about our amazing artists here.


How much is a music licence for a cafe?

Let's get down to business.

With Rehegoo, getting a licence is super quick, super easy, and super simple. Seriously.

We work with strictly transparent pricing methods, meaning that, unlike other music licensing solutions, you won't be surprised by additional fees or costs throughout your subscription.

What you see is what you get, and we like it like that. 

We’ll give you full access to expertly created and curated playlists that are added to monthly - so your sound never goes stale. What’s more, our full music library can be controlled directly from our intuitive app.