How your content sounds affects how it’s seen

Whatever your project needs, we’ll help you find the perfect soundtrack. 

Fully-licensed. Fully immersive.

Whatever genre or ambience you need, finding the right music for your content is easier than ever — thanks to our searchable library of incredible ready-to-use music.

Four reasons to choose Rehegoo
Licencing made easy

Whatever your content needs, we’ll make using fully-licenced music simple

Set the scene

Our search function uses rich search tags, so finding the music you need is easy

Transparent pricing

No hidden charges or complicated calculations, just affordable prices

New music, all the time

We’re continuously adding the best new music to our playlists

How it works

Discover tracks by keywords, trending terms, categories and much more

Choose A License

From non-commercial to commercial use for big or small audiences

Pay & Download

Instantly & easily download your tracks in multiple formats


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