Transform your health and beauty business with Rehegoo music

Spas, beauty salons, medical & dental centers, care homes.

Music has a powerful impact on our emotions, and it can play an important role in promoting health and beauty in various settings. 

Rehegoo curates playlists to match the aesthetic and vibe of the space, using soothing, calming, and uplifting sounds to create a tranquil atmosphere. Our music is also created with the intention of improving the overall well-being of clients and customers, as we use research-based methods to create music that has a positive effect on mental health, such as reducing anxiety and increasing happiness.

95% of people

say that listening to music improved their hair salon experience.

88% of people

say they were more likely to return to the same salon that plays music.

96% of health cares

reported positive outcomes for patients who received music therapy.

Reasons to choose Rehegoo
Every licence, included

Get the fully licensed music you need for your business or content without the hassle

Find your mood

Our search function makes it easy to find music with the right atmosphere for your business

Transparent pricing

No hidden charges or complicated calculations, just affordable prices

New music, all the time

We’re continuously adding the best new music to our playlists