Creating the perfect ambience for your hospitality business

We have curated an extensive collection of music for hospitality professionals.  


Impressing guests is paramount in the hospitality industry. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, or hotel, creating the ideal ambiance is vital.

That's why our extensive music package is an excellent choice for you. It can help you enhance your customers' experience and increase business simultaneously. Our music curation is tailored to businesses, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. By creating a unique atmosphere, you can improve customer loyalty and increase customer spend, making your business more profitable.

96% of brands
with music that fits their identity are more likely to be recalled.
6 out of 10 businesses

have not identified their brand sounds.

9% sales increase
can occur from playing the right music.
Reasons to choose Rehegoo
Every licence, included

Get the fully licensed music you need for your business or content without the hassle

Find your mood

Our search function makes it easy to find music with the right atmosphere for your business

Transparent pricing

No hidden charges or complicated calculations, just affordable prices

New music, all the time

We’re continuously adding the best new music to our playlists