As a YouTube creator, you'll know that the perfect track can go a long way.

Fully-licensed. Fully immersive.

Whether you're looking for cinematic music to go with a painstaking shot or are on the hunt for a sound that will establish your next project, we know that music choice is one of the most important factors when creating your YouTube video.

For those looking for true creative freedom, YouTube is one of the most optimal spots for artistic experimentation.

The video-sharing platform has gone from strength to strength since it was first brought to life on Valentine's Day in 2005,with surprising origins as a video-dating website!

Although unlucky in love at first, it has since boomed to become everyone's favourite place to watch and consume media, including music videos, sports, television, and film clips - before popularising vlogs as we know them today.

As well as launching a brand-new way of earning money through influencers and full-time vloggers (handily, known as YouTubers), the platform has revolutionised how we consume and share media. Instead of traditional celebrities, YouTube has shot a number of creators to stardom and can offer never-before-seen opportunities to those who are passionate about their craft.

The only limit to your content creation is your imagination.

Spanning multiple genres (including the creation of some of their own), YouTube allows you to create videos or share your thoughts on whatever makes your soul sing.

From DIY projects, award-winning short films, slice-of-life vlogs, shop hauls and more, creators have a wealth of subjects to choose from.

Now all you have to do is source some high-quality background music to tie your vision together.

That's where Rehegoo comes in.

Stand out from the sound crowd

You'll never have to worry about familiar sounds across creator channels with us, thanks to bespoke soundtrack selections that are regularly reviewed and added to.

We're constantly sourcing the latest talent from across the sound sphere to join Rehegoo, giving your mind and ears access to fresh tracks from tomorrow's stars, today. We're all about the individual feel.


That 'pick-me' attitude

Your creative vision shouldn't have limits. We feel the same about music.

With Rehegoo, it's easy to search for a particular vibe or atmosphere you're looking to cultivate thanks to our rich selection of tags. This quick-search feature helps you hone in on the perfect track for your video - without having to scroll through miles of listings.

Explore our categories through trending terms, keywords and general feel, helping you nail the perfect background track for your YouTube video without so much as breaking a sweat.

Bespoke licence choices

No matter the size of your project or the audience you're trying to capture, we can tailor thousands of tracks with the most perfect licensing solution for you.

From commercial use regarding things like sponsored content or advertorials to non-commercial usage, we can help you make the best choice.

And with all the attribution requirements already handled by us, you can get back to focusing on what matters - making YouTube content that makes people want to like, comment and subscribe.

To find out more about our bespoke music licensing for YouTubers and content creators, talk to a member of our team today! They’ll be more than happy to help.