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Ezra Faello

Ezra Faello started songwriting at the age of 17 and started producing his first songs by himself in 2013. Ezra’s music has been noted for his dark Pop and R&B/HipHop sound.



An Italian brand, with a sort-of-Finnish name, and a Norwegian flag as its logo, from the very beginning Napapijri thrived on intersectionality: defying labels, transcending boxes, pursuing the unexpected journey into nature and creativity.

Wellness Warrior

Wellness Warrior X Ministry of Sound

The world renowned yoga guru Caleb Jude Packham takes his Liberation class from the iconic Ministry of Sound in London, for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 

Let him guide you on a transcendental yoga journey set to a pulsating fusion of live music and club beats. This epic experience takes online yoga to the next level!

Rehegoo Artist
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luly Noir

There is not a better way to describe her as the embodiment of pop culture, with her great stage presence, the multifaceted singer dazzles both in her video clips and in her live shows. Her style fuses lyrical singing and pop, better known as crossover.  

Rehegoo Artist


Classically trained since the age of 4 (classical violin), he was also raised with the English language along the Italian one, making him bi-cultural since the very start. Since high school, he focused his musical efforts into becoming a pop singer-songwriter, practicing voice, guitar and piano skills alike.

Sonder Studios

Based in Yorkshire, Sonder is a video production studio specialising in film, animation and motion graphics. Their team is made up of experienced directors, producers, motion graphics artists and animators who all share the same passion for creating compelling visual content that has a lasting impact. Often focusing on music-related content, the Sonder team are very selective about the soundtracks they use and consider this to be one of the most important elements of a film. 

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