Ezra Faello | Artist

A Mexican producer, singer, songwriter, clothing line creator, and winemaker.

Elevate The Artist

Mexico based artist, Ezra Faello was selected to take part in our artist development programme, Elevate the Artist, which sees artists receive funding and marketing support to further their music’s reach. Ezra’s music and online presence went from strength to strength during the programme seeing an engagement growth of 2% and his track grow 487% on Spotify alone.

Ezra Faello’s music has gone on to be featured in Love Island Mexico as well as sign an independent record deal.

"I’m super grateful to be part of a company that actually connects with their talent and that way, as a talent I can reach more fans and audiences."
Ezra Faello
Rehegoo Artist

About Ezra

Ezra Faello started songwriting at the age of 17 and started producing his first songs by himself in 2013, thanks to his resilient response to his medical stuttering condition.

Ezra’s music has been noted for his dark Pop and R&B/HipHop sound.

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