Luly Noir | Artist

An eclectic composer, pianist and performer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A powerful voice...

...dizzying costume changes, dancers, live musicians and her unique personality are some of the many qualities of Luly as an artist. Her art is the perfect combination of dance pop, rock and lyrical, in a quest to elevate pop music into a new level.

She represents the spirit of freedom and equality through love without prejudice, stereotypes or homophobia. Luly Noir's aim is to leave through her songs a legacy of peace and equity in the world. 

She released her first single “Alive” in 2020, followed by the ballad “Razones”, with the aim to share an optimistic and hopeful message through her music.

"Honestly being from Argentina, I did not know Rehegoo. Once one of their agents contacted me I got to know their work, and it really made me proud that they support emerging musicians and promote cultural diversity."
Luly Noir
Rehegoo Artist

Watch the Official Video to "Alive"

Hungry for more? Watch the making off and get to know the story behind it a little better! 

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