Sonder Studios: NHS

About Sonder Studios

Based in Yorkshire, Sonder is a video production studio specialising in film, animation and motion graphics.

Their team is made up of experienced directors, producers, motion graphics artists and animators who all share the same passion for creating compelling visual content that has a lasting impact.

Often focusing on music-related content, the Sonder team are very selective about the soundtracks they use and consider this to be one of the most important elements of a film. 

NHS Brief

Il brief consisteva nel capire ed evidenziare il successo della BAME community l'importanza del suo contributo dalla nascita dell'NHS risalente al tempo di Windrush. 

Sonder stava cercando il giusto tipo di musica da usare come sottofondo per l'intera durata del documentario senza distogliere l'attenzione del pubblico.

Lo scopo era di trovare la giusta combinazione tra il tono e l'emozione delle interviste e della musica, e creare una divisione tra le diverse scene.;

"The importance of music is paramount within film, without it a film is only half done. Getting the wrong music can change the whole dynamic and feel of what the filmmaker is trying to evoke. so understanding that feeling is key when selecting music"
Simon Fong Wah
Creative Producer, Sonder Studios

The Outcome

Rehegoo came back with a selection of music that fit the scenes perfectly and set the tone for the entire duration of the film. They hand-picked nine songs which played continuously throughout the interviews, reinforcing the emotional undertones of the topics discussed in each scene.

It made Sonder’s job a lot easier, allowing them to focus on editing the footage without spending time searching for music which is often a very time consuming and difficult process. 

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