Wellness Warrior X Ministry of Sound

Meet the Wellness Warrior

Caleb Jude Packham is an internationally renowned yoga teacher with 25 years experience in the wellness industry. He is on a mission to assist men to achieve their highest potential through yoga, media and events. With bags of life experience to inform him on his mission, this modern-day renaissance man is a writer, actor, VJ, philanthropist and activist.

In 2018, he co-founded Wellness Warrior, a yoga and lifestyle brand delivering physical, emotional and spiritual fitness.  As a former MTV presenter, Caleb appreciates the power of music. 

"Finding the perfect track for my promotional video through Rehegoo was so easy. There was so much music to choose from and the process is super simple"
Caleb Jude Packham
Yoga Guru, The Wellness Warrior

The Brief

The Wellness Warrior needed music to bring their Liberation on Demand promotional video to life, and of course Rehegoo's Music for Content service was their number one choice.

Music: "Dreaming" by Flka.

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