Ezra Faello

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Ezra Faello (born January 19, 1995) is a Mexican producer, singer, songwriter, clothing line creator, and winemaker.
With a degree in Family Business (Universidad Panamerica, Guadalajara, Mexico), majoring in Foreign Commerce (Instituto de Estudios Bursatiles, Madrid, Spain), 2 diplomas in Music Business & 1 diploma in Music Production at Solfeggio 528.
Ezra Faello started songwriting at the age of 17 and started producing his first songs by himself in 2013. He was previously known as CASAS, but changed his whole concept and name in late 2018.
Ezra’s music has been noted for his dark Pop and R&B/Hip-Hop sound.
Signed by the UK & NY based record label Rehegoo Music Group on May 2020.
Musically, he draws many influences, including The Weeknd, Chet Faker, Zayn, Lana del Rey, The Neighbourhood, Frank Ocean, and Justin Timberlake.
He writes with his eyes, sings with his soul, and produces with his memories.
Latest shows:
-Sofar Sound Guadalajara
-Raw Artist Festival
-Picnic Festival
-C3 Rooftop
-Festival de la Vida

Currently working on his debut visual album, in collaboration with Mexican photographer David Antillon, and co-producing with Artero and Daniel Noral at Mosaico Studio.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe it as nostalgic, sensual, and kinesthetic.

Why do you do what you do?
Because I feel genuine to myself. Almost like my soul and body deserves to be treated with respect, and the only way to pacify my inner-self is by making music, singing, writing, and performing.
I don’t want it to sound weird, but it’s almost like a curse and a blessing at the same time.
Because I have a lot of acquaintances that have told me that they don’t know what to do with their lives, or don’t even know what their passion is. And for me it’s so organic, so natural: I want to make music for the rest of my time on this planet. period.
I want people to see my potential, and I want them to see the results of listening to your soul by doing what you love.

Ambition or talent: which matters more to you?
99% ambition – 1% talent.
I’ve met a ton of musicians and creative people who are insanely talented but not hungry to keep learning, growing, and improving their crafts because they “sing good and were born with it”.
That’s an insanely toxic and negative portrait of ANY industry, what if you love to dance but you “suck” at it? – the answer is: practice, practice, practice & practice, and trust me, you will get there if you are disciplined, focused, ambitious, and humbled at the same time. We are human beings constantly learning and growing.
You could be super talented but if you don’t have a vision, a plan, and a strategy of where do you wanna be, then it’s like running through an endless track with no goal or limited time- and spoiler alert, on this life we do have limited time and a goal: happiness.

What inspires you to create music?
Wanting to immortalize my memories, and almost like a time capsule, where I could go back to an old song and just remember where I was at that moment, or how I was mentally or spiritually.
Is like a way of measuring my growth and maturity.
Also, it inspires me that I’m a hardcore stutter, so for me, it’s very difficult to speak fluently at times, and while I’m singing I don’t stutter at all, so it’s my 3:30 minutes of pure storytelling glory.

How did you find the scouting process in Rehegoo?
Super exciting, cause it was amazing that an international label like Rehegoo Music was interested in my music.
Just by the time when I received their email, I was launching my first wine, so it was a ton of great news during such a difficult global time.

How did you feel when signing a contract with Rehegoo?
Extremely happy and even hungrier, cause when you google “Rehegoo Music” you’ll find links with movie & music festivals, joint ventures with THE Quincy Jones, the Grammys, music conventions, etc.
It’s super exciting to grow hand to hand with a Music Label that has trusted me as an artist.
I want to make them proud.

What is the greatest achievement of your career so far?
Genuinely this, it hits quite differently when a company that over-seas names you Artist of the Month, in the month when I was feeling sad and depressed as a musician.
It’s like a slap on the back of my head of “hey stay focus, don’t give up”

What has been the biggest obstacle?
Number one, the pandemic, for sure.
I canceled like 23 national tour dates that I didn’t even get the chance to announced. I had to cancel my European trip where I wanted to perform for my European friends.
It was something that I was super excited and proud about, I know now that I need to see that with a positive proactive note, but hey I was excited about that.
and my second biggest obstacle it is for sure the falseness of people in this industry, fellow musicians that instead of helping each other they sent you hate, bad energy, or just pretend to be your friend when they are about to release a new single, it’s emotionally drilling when someone you considered a friend just uses you ’till they got what they need at the moment.

What is the best and worst gig you have ever played?
-Best: my 25th birthday concert on January 2020, Guadalajara, Mexico, I planned it completely with one of my best friend/booking manager, and we did everything by ourselves, it was amazing cause it was my first non-festival kind of concert, I had dancers, my super talented friend and vocal coach on stage with me. I sang, and danced, I played the guitar, the piano, it was super good for my first solo concert, with more than 260 persons of local friends & fans, and even friends from San Diego, New York, and Los Cabos.
-Worst: a local festival, that I’m not gonna named, where I was aphonic and in pain while singing for 1 hour straight. It was so hot that day that the guitar amplifier overheated so my guitar player was just there suffering…
besides my fans and my friends nobody was paying attention or respect to the show, but I kind of love that show because I met amazing new friends and fans, and I learned more about me as a professional artist. I would do it again for sure.

What is your worst and best fan moment?
-Worst: just like random fans that love to send me weird stuff on my DM’s, as I said in my interview for Rehegoo Music a couple of months ago, I do read every single DM and I love to answer all of them, but that doesn’t mean I want to receive weird, nasty, or inappropriate stuff.
-Best: It was at Lana del Rey’s concert in Mexico City a couple of years ago, where I planned to meet a couple of fans in advanced cause we had a group chat back then, we took pictures, I gave them singed letters, a postal card, and since that was my first experience with fans it felt amazing.

What is a favorite song of yours?
I love each one of my songs on my debut album that will be coming soon! Every single song is so well thought, very eclectic, visual and wild.
But if I had to choose one with my mood for today, would be my next single “Tell me, are you lost in this jungle?”, the 6th chapter of his book.
It’s such a vibe and such a mature solid sound, I can’t wait for you all to listen to it!

Find out more about Ezra:
Website: https://www.ezrafaello.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EzraFaello
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ezrafaello/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1NcNJ0HkrPPX77rZmgbLOk?si=70RhjMoFQlGA0Wz9ERu5Sw