Q&A with Artists

We have a great opportunity to introduce to you Juni D – a Lead Vocalist and Songwriter of FDog13 – and his band!

FDog13 delivers a highly creative fusion of honest, gritty rock-n-roll and the latest information in audio technology. Add the impassioned vocals of each song, complimented with screaming gang vocals that can get even the timidest crowd fired up, then backed by a full band of seasoned musicians and the result is an almost cathartic musical and emotional experience. This unique combination promises to take music to the next level. FDog13 will take you on a fast-paced, gut-wrenching musical journey, assaulting your senses, getting you up on your feet, and leaving you craving for more!

Why do you do what you do?
I can’t imagine who I would be without music… I would be unrecognizable from who I am now.

Ambition or talent: which matters more to you?
We need a healthy dose of both. Ambition gives us the drive and inspiration to get our music out there, to keep striving to get better at what we do, and to keep playing, even when you have a bad gig or no one’s there to watch. Talent allows you to advance to the next level, if you working on it. It breaks down the boundaries of performance, allowing you to hit those amazing notes, play blazing riffs or bust out the jaw-dropping drum solo. Without ambition, you limit the growth of your talent. Without talent, your ambition can only take you so far in the vast sea of growing competition. There are PLENTY OF amazing, talented people these days.

What inspires you to create music?
Hearing other songs and seeing other bands that inspire me by doing music that I wish I though of doing, or watching a movie or tv show that gets me so worked up, I need some sort of release. Sometimes even something as simple as a comment, which I hear from someone at some random moment. I think we all could agree that our personal life experiences within intimate relationships really open the door to our inner muse 110% of the time.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
I’ve had great successes with other bands over the years, like winning awards, hitting #1 on local radio stations, playing in an arena to open for Kelly Clarkson, sharing a stage with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Coheed and Cambria, Dragonforce, As I Lay Dying, Circa Survive… but as far as FDog13 goes, although we’ve been writing for some time already, we’ve never fully gotten out there yet. Our time with Rehegoo has actually been our greatest achievement, and for that we are truly grateful.

How did you find the scouting process in Rehegoo and how did you feel when signing a contract with Rehegoo?
I found it a great experience they were very helpful and easy to speak to.

How did you find the scouting process in Rehegoo and how did you feel when signing a contract with Rehegoo?
Our drummer at the time noticed a message on Facebook inviting us to become a part of Rehegoo. I felt excited and relieved that there were people who not only believed in our music but were willing to get us out to the public, which was something that we struggled with for years.

What is your favorite song?
Addicted To The Fallout. The piano hook was the first thing that was written and it was the initial idea for this project. Listening to that melody always brings me back to that moment and makes me smile.

You may follow FDog13 on:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fdog13/
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/6YK27jez0rlcD0S8xgYDDx?si=YKFmcBhrRGqDoXNdU0kqgw