Jhonny Boy & Torway

Q&A with Artists

Jonathan “Jhonny Boy” Londono of Miami, and Walter “Torway” Cardenas of Colombia are a rising artist duo in the Latino Urbana music scene. The two began their long-distance musical partnership collaborating on various tracks, and gained momentum with their hit singles “Vamos Pa Mi Casa” and “Wisy Wisy,” which received over a million hits on YouTube and opened doors to the music industry with a different concept, adding new words to the urban genre. This month they are back again with their new music video “Eres Para Mi,” featured on the Rehegoo Music YouTube Channel. The song is a catchy Latin-Urban track with a reggaetón beat, and according to fans, the perfect summer jam.

What kind of music do you like?
Jhonny Boy: I like reggaeton urban music — that’s the kind of music I listen to, and the kind I make!

How long have you been making music?
Jhonny Boy: I’ve been making music for 6 years. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally seeing a response from the Latin music community and that’s really exciting.

What do you love the most about music?
Torway: What I love most about music is how it affects you in those moments when you’re feeling down. You listen to music and it just makes you happier. I love music that transports you to a new mindset.

What inspires you?
Jhonny Boy: What inspires me is everything that happens in life, especially with relationships. My wife inspires me, also music.
Torway: What inspires our music is women, nature, anything that I can accredit to good inspiration, is a good theme.

What’s your favorite song of yours?
Jhonny Boy: Eres para mi – it just came out. You can find it on youtube and all your favorite music stores, thanks to Rehegoo Music. So Check it out!
Torway: One of my favorite songs of ours is Wisy Wisy because it opened a lot of doors for us as musicians and had a great reception from our audience.

What artist do you look up to?
Jhonny Boy: The artist I look up to is Jay Alvarrez. He was the main reason I started making music.
Torway: An artist that I admire for their style is Don Omar because I think that his songs have a really beautiful sound.

What do you think about working with Rehegoo?
Torway: I think Rehegoo is en excellent company and their plan of action for us is awesome. They’re doing a great job I’m happy to be working with Rehegoo Music.