Leandro Perpiñán

Q&A with Artists

Leandro got involved with music as a child in his hometown, Quart de Poblet, in the Valencia (Spain) area, where concert bands are very popular. Later on, he studied music at the conservatory obtaining a degree in classical saxophone. He began his career as a classical musician, playing with concert bands, chamber music, saxophone recitals and symphony orchestras like Madrid Symphony Orchestra (OSM), Spanish National Orchestra (ONE) or Bilbao Symphony Orchestra (BOS). Leandro is a founding member of Andalucía Big Band, a Jazz orchestra based in Seville. They have collaborated with very fine Jazz players like Ramon Cardo, Ze Eduardo, Bob Sands, Perico Sambeat, Arturo Serra, Chris Kase, Pedro Cortejosa, Ernesto Aurignac and Jesús Santandreu. They have released their debut album “Suite Trafalgar” with original music by Javier Galiana on Rizoma Records.

Why do you do what you do?
Because it is what makes me whole and happy. I feel an inner drive, an impulse to make music and I just can’t ignore it

How would you describe your style?
I play Jazz, Straight-Ahead Jazz. In my music there is a strong Hard-Bop influence mixed with other more contemporary concepts.

Ambition or talent: which matters more to you?
Some talent is necessary, however you can’t do anything about the amount of talent that you were born with. Instead, you can work hard to pursue your goals. Yes, some ambition gets handy to move your career forward, just be cautious, too much ambition doesn’t help.

What inspires you to create music?
I get a lot of inspiration from other musicians. Either masters from the past or contemporary genius. Everyday life inspires me as well. I use to write songs for people I love, or I try to express my own feelings in my music.

How did you find the scouting process in Rehegoo?
Somebody from Rehegoo contacted me through my website. I was really happy that finally an email came through from somebody that could actually help me to advance my career, instead of sending other spam mail.

How did you feel when signing a contract with Rehegoo?
I felt thrilled. I got a nice vibe about it, and it seems that everything is working out nice and smooth. I’m ready to work, and I’m eager to meet people like-minded from other angles of the music industry. Musicians alone could be very little. We need help, from people like Rehegoo.

What is the greatest achievement of your career so far?
I’m very proud of my last recording “Por Allí Viene Costi” which song The Pretender is featured on Rehegoo albums. I united a great band, and we played a number of nice shows. I’m very proud as well, of the big band that we put together here in Seville, the Andalucia Big Band. We are playing regularly all over Andalucía, the south of Spain, and we just released our album debut “Suite Trafalgar”, an exciting mixture of genres, mostly Jazz, with Flamenco, Free , Swing, and music from Cadis’ Carnival.

What has been the biggest obstacle?
Well, it is so difficult to make money making the music you love, specially in the beginnings. So, you need diversify your musical activities, playing other styles, teaching, etc. Nowadays, I can make a living with Jazz, playing and teaching. And I only play other styles if I want to.

What is the best and worst gig you have ever played?
Hard to say. For me, every single chance to present my last record live is a blast. We did about twelve shows, and I got to sell cd’s in all of them. Those moments are my maximum aspiration. As in the worst gig, well, professional music is a though career, and my worst gig is absolutely unspeakable.

What is your worst and best fan moment?
Well, Jazz fans are great. They enjoy the records so much, and most of them always want the real cd, not just the streaming or youtube version. I enjoy talking with them after the shows. Always amaze me how learned they are about records and musicians. In fact, I can’t recall a bad fan moment, up to this point.

What is your favorite song of yours?
Another tough question… Well, since The Pretender is the one chosen in the Rehegoo albums, I can say that is my favorite as well. It reflects pretty well who am I.