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Lourdes Micol Noir, artistically known as LULY NOIR, is a young Argentinian singer, actress, composer, pianist and performer. She was born in Buenos Aires on April 7, 1997.
At the age of 11 she started her artistic career performing in several musicals using the vocal technique of lyrical singing.
In February 2016 she ventured as an actress in youth fiction for Argentine TV series. In September of the same year, together with the electronic music producer Xionti, they released “Eternal Time”, an Electro House single that is currently available on all digital stores.
In 2017 she recorded her first single “Místico” as a soloist with the record label AD MUSIC, in collaboration with the music producer Achi Deuz and Xionti. The single was released together with her first music video starring her and the actor Esteban Recagno, directed by her brother Federico Noir and produced entirely by NOIR Producciones.
In 2018 with music producer Feldout, they composed the single “Ephemeral Moon.” This single also had its own video clip.
Later on, Luly evolved artistically and after an unfortunate experience, she decided to reinvent herself and released “Alive” in 2020 with label Rehegoo Music. The song speaks of resilience and to face adverse situations. This premiere was accompanied by a short film and a music video, once again directed by Federico Noir. In the middle of the pandemic year, shows and presentations had to be postponed and she decided to release a ballad that completely changed the way the artist was known, deciding to share a simpler and more intimate profile. With the song “Razones” the artist would like to share an optimistic and hopeful message through her music.
Luly Noir is only 24 years old and has great stage presence, the multifaceted singer dazzles both in her video clips and in her live shows. Her style fuses lyrical singing and pop, better known as crossover.
A powerful voice, dizzying costume changes, dancers, live musicians and her unique personality are some of the many qualities of Luly as an artist. Her art is the perfect combination of dance pop, rock and lyrical, in a quest to elevate pop music into a new level. She represents the spirit of freedom and equality through love without prejudice, stereotypes or homophobia. Luly Noir’s aim is to leave through her songs a legacy of peace and equity in the world.
How would you describe your style?
My style is simply the best version of myself. I was always very insecure, and today more than ever my style acts as a superhero cape. It represents my music without prejudice and allows me to be who I am in my totality.
Why do you do what you do?
For love, to leave a legacy in the world, and because I know that it is the purest thing that can be left behind me. We all came into the world with a mission, and I am very clear that this is mine.
Ambition or talent: which matters more to you?
I think both are important. Discipline and study enhance your talents, and ambition is an engine that will always drive you to where you want to go.
What inspires you to create music?
Music is my lifestyle – everything around me is inspiring, both the good and the bad. Each song is an opportunity for me to tell a story, self-advise. I know that each song is a refuge in which I can deposit my emotions, and that will later become a refuge for those who listen to it as well.
How did you find the scouting process in Rehegoo?
Honestly being from Argentina, I did not know them. Once one of their agents contacted me I got to know their work, and it really made me proud that they support emerging musicians and promote cultural diversity.
How did you feel when signing a contract with Rehegoo?
Very grateful and excited! The whole team was wonderful to me. My songs are like my children, and I knew they would be safe with them.
What is the greatest achievement of your career so far?
I think that there are no better or worse events. Today, more than ever before, I consider each moment unique, special and unrepeatable and I live it as such. I enjoy every process to the fullest – when I compose my music or record in the studio, attending all the musical premieres and shows – everything that comes my way generates the same tickle in my belly and brings up positive emotions.
One of the greatest gifts that I can enjoy today is the fact that I can be a free woman in the music industry. I’m not being told what I can or cannot do, and I can be true to my principles and beliefs.
What has been the biggest obstacle?
“Your music is not commercial, it does not sell”
“What you do is not enough”
“Your voice is very lyrical”
“Why do you dress like that?”
“You’re crazy”
“You’re very skinny”
“Did you think about surgery?”
I think my biggest obstacle was overcoming the prejudices and criticisms of the industry. I was told that I won’t make it, and I used to believed it.
What is the best and worst gig you have ever played?
One of the best shows I think was the one before the pandemic started. It was in a prestigious theatre in Buenos Aires. What made it even more special was the reason for the show as it was a festival that endorsed the rights of women on stage. One of my biggest dreams has always been to enhance the voice of others through my songs.
One of the worst ones that I remember was at an event, when I had exclusively asked for sound equipment for myself and my musicians. Upon the arrival there was only a karaoke microphone. It was a very frustrating moment but so funny at the same time! We played it out like we usually do, just without the hardware.
What is your worst and best fan moment?
Once at the end of a show, I went out to greet my fans and take pictures with them outside the theatre. While returning, a man chased me to the dressing room wanting to go overboard with me. Theatre security ended up kicking him out.
One of the best moments that happened to me recently was along the premiere of my last song “Reasons”. I was contacted by a doctor who listened to it while on his shift at the hospital. He wanted to let me know how moved he was due to the terrible year we went through because of covid. He told me that this song reminded him to always look forward, and this is one of my greatest satisfaction.
What is a favorite song of yours?
It is a very difficult question since each one is special in its own way, but I think I’d say “MISTICO”.
It is a song in which I wanted to showcase love as a game, where one does not choose who to fall in love with, because proudly the heart does what it wants. It doesn’t ask for permission and no one has the right to judge its choice. The song talks about the immensity and complexity of love. When looking at life with the eyes full of love, there is no room for prejudice.
“In love there is no condition.”

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