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Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Applications Development

At Rehegoo, we invest in innovation and therefore – in addition to our core music production business – we also develop mobile Apps.
Mainly, we create music apps such as bespoke players, but our specialist team also makes office apps, which we use in our offices to better managing the company.
In addition, we are now also starting to develop game apps, which we are very excited about.
Our apps are proving to be incredibly popular, and we have already logged over 3 million downloads.
We deliver fresh and exciting Apps, and work with the most popular platforms in the business, such as Google Play™ and iTunes™.

Sad Love

Can music mend a broken heart? We believe so. This is why we created Sad Love: Moving Piano Music, an app containing the best compilation of emotional instrumental music you could hope in order to heal your pain.
No matter how sad or hurt you might feel right now. Life goes on, and time will help you get better without doubt. Heal your broken heart syndrome with these 10 beautiful piano songs, the first three of which are completely free.
Want to relax a little bit more? You can add premium sounds of nature to make your experience even more amazing. Last but not least, set for how long your music will play for thanks to out timer feature! Take a relaxing bath while listening to your favorite songs or reading some poems, and let the playlist stop by itself when you are done.
We hope our music can help you move on, and forget about your heartbreak. May it finally bring a sense of closure and serenity. If you like our work, don’t forget to leave a positive feedback on the store just to let us know!

Cradle Songs

Wish your baby goodnight with the most famous traditional lullabies ever created. With Kids Lullabies and Cradle Songs you will have at your hand an amazing selection of goodnight tracks that are sure to give your toddler the best dreams he ever had.
We compiled a playlist of 14 songs, sung by mothers all across the world to their children for centuries. These lullabies are the perfect accompaniment and insomnia relief for both babies and adults.

Sounds to Sleep

Welcome to Sounds to Sleep! If you are here, chances are you are having trouble sleeping as of late… Am I right? Worry no more, as you came to the right place to solve your problems! Our App will aid you in creating the perfect background to sleep at night: we created the ultimate soundmaker, containing an array of frequencies you can play in loop while trying to fall asleep.
Try out our colored noise, or our sleep sounds! We have a selection of 30 different tracks you can play to regulate you biorythm. The first three – the colored noise – are completely free (White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise). Among the others you can find sounds like City Noise, Fans, Fire Crackling, Nature Outdoors, Rivers, Water, Sea Waves, Vacuum Cleaner Noise and many more.

Creepy Music

The weather is growing colder, the days are getting shorter, and this can only mean one thing! Halloween is at our doors! Are you ready to celebrate also this year? Creepy Music and Pictures is the app for you! Containing the best scary themes, creepy images and gothic photos, our app will provide you with the right background during your chilly fall nights.
Looking forwards to giving great jumpscares to your friends and family? Then start reviewing your terrorizing baby dolls stories or creepypasta, and play our track list when you finally tell them! We provide a complete playlist of frightening songs, that you can play along with the scary sound effects in the soundbox included. And don’t forget to download our scary wallpapers for your phone, directly form inside the app! Your kids are sure to love them!

Indian Music

Welcome to Indian Music Soundscapes, the app that will help you awaken your love for ethnic bengali and oriental songs. Here you will find all that you need to seduce with a very intriguing tamil or african style. All of the songs contained inside this app are extremely versatile, and can be used in many occasions; may it be for mindfulness meditation or just for relaxing at home with some kishore kumar songs.

Start by selecting the song you wish to play: there are 10 between marathi, bollywood or old hindi bunjabi tracks from which you can choose! The first 5 are completely free, while the others can be enjoyed by downloading the premium version of the app.

Sauna Music Asana

Wouldn’t it be beautiful, living in a spa? The relaxing music always surrounding you, as you lay back and let soft hands lull you in a state of bliss? Now, you can try and recreate that atmosphere at home, in your own bath, as if you were in a sauna or enjoying a turkish bath. Download Sauna Music Asana Yoga Turkish Bath Wellness Songs, and try out our music!
We created an exclusive 10 song playlist of songs used in the best spas and yoga classes around the world, all in the same app for you to enjoy. Be it for hatha or bikram yoga exercises, try listening to these tracks the next time you need some relaxation.

Ayurveda Music Remedies

Welcome to Ayurveda Music Remedies, the app that will help you awaken your inner zen thanks to an arrange of amazing songs and sounds of nature. Feeling stressed as of late? Need something to calm down and relax while carrying out you ayurvedic practices? You came to the right place! Here you will find what you need in order to soothe your mind while enjoying your diet, healing treatments and remedies.
Ayurveda Music Remedies contains 10 beautiful tracks created appositely to enjoy with yoga ayurveda and panchakarma practices.

Bed Time Sleep Aid

A hectic life can make falling asleep at night difficult, and some of us suffer from lack of sleep due to insomnia. Want to sleep better at night? Download Bed Time Sleep Aid, the app with the best sleep remedies collection! Select your favorite song from a playlist of 10 tracks, appositely created for you to rest.
Try our music and solve your sleep problems, be it sleep apnea or snoring. Just choose one or more tracks (5 are free) and play it all night long!

Beep Test

Welcome to the Beep Test: Police Military Multi Stage Assessment! This is the test used by the international armies and police departments all around the world to evaluate the physical body conditions. But it is commonly used also among the workout and fitness lovers. Is this the first time using something like this to measure your fitness levels? Then before starting this App read this important information on how the Beep Test came to be and how to use it.
The Beep Test (aka Bleep Test, Pacer Test, Multistage Fitness Test, 10 or 20m Shuttle Run Test – you name it!) is a fitness assessment that is used to estimate a person’s maximum oxygen uptake. It has been used by coaches, school teachers and even royal marines for years!
But how does it work? Its very simple: it consists in running continuously between two lines placed 20 meters apart from each other, in a gym or a field for example. In order to reach the following stage, you must reach the line before you hear the BEEP.
At first, the speed will seem quite low. However, as you advance through the stages the beeps will come close together, so make sure you start slowly and steadily without exhausting yourself too early on.
The Beep Test: Police Military Multi Stage Assessment will help you carry out this cardiovascular fitness test and improve your performances in running and cardio. Just start the timer by pressing the button at the center of the screen, and simply start to run trying to not exceed the beep time. Challenge yourself everyday and let your phone calculate what level you are able to reach. Strive for getting better, and train every day to beat your record on this multi stage physical fitness test.

Oriental Music

Let the magical sounds of Asia enter your mind, body and soul. Do so with Oriental Music Asian Experience, the new app that will make you travel through space and time, letting you enter an era of serenity and peace.
Oriental Music Asian Experience includes a selection of ancient, famous and popular songs from China and Japan, along with newly composed tracks in perfect oriental new age style. Bring the relaxing vibe of a zen garden within your living room or your bathroom.

Positive Thinking

A positive life starts from a positive and clear mind. This is why meditating and keeping mental peace is important in order to boost happiness and body energy. To do this, we created Positive Thinking Music for Peace of Mind Energy, the app that contains the best background music you will need for your peace of mind.
In our app we put a selection of the 10 best New Age tracks for meditation and relaxation.

Flamenco Guitar

For cold days such as the ones approaching, you just need a little bit of Latin music in order to heat up your blood and liven up the mood. This is Flamenco Guitar Music’s time to shine! Our app was created to satisfy your needs of hispanic gypsy songs. Just light a candle, and enjoy the sensual atmosphere that permeates.
Flamenco Guitar Music includes some of the most beautiful flamenco spanish acoustic classical tracks ever created.