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Mother Mary Mood is a grunge/rock band based in Italy formed in 2009 in San Diego, CA by the two brothers Lorenzo and Filippo Spanò, Marco Formosa, Marco Mantini and Alessandro Beltrame. They started performing in California, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Mexico. Mother Mary Mood is not a band to be taken lightly both in sound and in attitude.
In 2009 they release the first album “Mother Mary Mood” with the independent label from Rome “Alfa Music – Pop & Roll” containing the two singles “Temptation” and “History of a Man”. With this last song the band was later going to be awarded by the famous Italian singer Paola Turci, the winner of the Capitalent 2015, a competition promoted by Radio Capital, one of the most famous and listened radios in Italy.
In 2010 the band is again in California and in Nevada for a short tour performing at the “Wasted Spaces Club” inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.
In 2011 Mother Mary Mood is one of the ten selected bands by Sony Music for the final competition of the “Rock in IdRho” contest, to open the Foo Fighters concert in Milano. After a few months they got selected to perform at the “Lunar Independent Music Festival” in Salt Lake City.
In 2013 the band is back again to Los Angeles and San Diego where they performed at the “Brick by Brick” and at the “Whisky a Go Go”, and where they filmed the video clip for “Legion” the first single of the new upcoming album “Awakening” which was released on May 2014. In the same year they also produced the video of “Swamp Fever”. Two songs from “Awakening” (Swamp Fever and Devil’s Haircut) were chosen by the independent filmmaker Tony Olmos as the soundtrack of the movie “South of 8” released in 2016.
In the meantime the band name starts to be known not only among the underground music but also among several press agencies and the band starts to release interviews to different national and international magazines such as the Italian music mag “Tempi Duri”, the “Hellhoundmusic” and the “Wall Street International” or the Italian webzine “Qube Music” which has put the band name in the Top Ten of the emerging bands 2015. In the same year Mother Mary Mood have been releasing interviews to the Canadian LpRock Radio, to the Litfiba Channel Radio (the official radio of the famous rock band Litfiba), to Radio Popolare Roma, and to Radio Capital (the second radio in Italy) which played on air for two months the song “History of a Man”. Lastly, they have been hosted in the Tv program “Video Jam” on the American channel WCCA TV 13 in Massachusetts with the video clip of “Swamp Fever”.
In 2015 Alessandro Beltrame left the formation to assist the band only on the production of their discography.
At that time, Andrea Magli, joined the band as “Wildcat” brand new drummer.
In December 2017 the band released the new single “Pusher” which is part of the latest album “Antitude” published in March 2018.
In the period of time Mother Mary Mood start a partnership with “Radio Rock”, a popular radio located in Rome, which has played on air most of the songs from the new album “Antitude” for several months. To promote this new album the radio has organized a release party at the famous club “Wishlist” where during the concert the band has filmed the upcoming video of the song “Jalapeno”.
Following release of “Antitude”, Mother Mary Mood were officially declared as the 2018 Italian New Era Grunge Revelation.
On June 2018 Mother Mary Mood have been the main promoter and organizer of the first edition of the “BeerRockYou” festival, a rock music event where 12 rock bands from Italy and other European countries have performed in front of 5000 people.
On August 30th the band has performed during the Castel Rock Festival in Liguria where they opened the concert of the Rezophonic with Mario Riso.
Recently they have been selected for the 32nd edition of the famous “San Remo Rock” festival.
This group of five pack a real rock sound that is heavy without alienating the general music fan, while able to slow it down. They are able to create a dynamic in rock that is not often seen and is a testament to their songwriting talent. What makes this band a great rock band is the listener can listen to one sound after another without being bored, and without them straying from their identity. With songs you can had bang to, sing along with, and feel through, Mother Mary Mood is a band with talent not too often seen in this era of rock.
At the moment the band is on tour in Italy and in Europe to promote the latest album “Antitude”.
In the meantime, the band is currently working on the fourth album, with the view of releasing the same in 2021.
Also this time, the guys will focus on real life topics and face with human being’s needs: following the “Awakening”, the day after the power of “Antitude”, Mother Mary Mood will keep going fighting for Freedom, Justice and Equality.
How would you describe your style?
Alternative rock/Post grunge.
Why do you do what you do?
Because rock music is our deepest passion.
Ambition or talent: which matters more to you?
Talent, no doubt.
What inspires you to create music?
It is something we feel inside and want to communicate outside.
How did you find the scouting process in Rehegoo?
We are enjoying it very much, as it seems based on your real music value (and not on your capability to be aligned with the “mainstream” mood of the global music taste).
How did you feel when signing a contract with Rehegoo?
It’s cool ‘cause it gives you a true chance.
What is the greatest achievement of your career so far?
We won Radio Capital contest in Italy in 2015 and in 2018, after the release of our third album “Antitude”, we were declared by Radio Rock (Italy) the Italian New Era Grunge Revelation.
What has been the biggest obstacle?
The music industry nowadays seems to be an obstacle: being yourself and playing your favorite music not always means being appreciated from the “big” public. However, it is not clue for Mother Mary Mood: we feel as luckier as we are more able to be authentic by performing our own music!!
What is the best and worst gig you have ever played?
Our best gig so far: Whiskey go-go in L.A. the Worst: maybe the very first one, when we were too much focused on instruments and technicalities, rather than on feeling the rock flowing inside…
What is your worst and best fan moment?
We don’t have worst moment frankly: when we are together as a band we are always on TOP and our fans feel it very well! An impressive experience is when we are performing our shows and our fans reach the stage with us, as they want to be mashed with the band, “grunge-ing” and head-banging with us! Also, Mother Mary Mood’s acoustic set is highly appreciated by our fanbase: wood, deep voice, strings and candles are the right mix to create unique atmospheres.
What is a favorite song of yours?
Everyone in the band has their favorite song but surely everyone loves “History of a Man”.

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