Q&A with Artists

In 2013, siblings Martina and Marco Picaro, a singer and guitarist respectively, decided to form a band to express their passion for rock blues. Shortly thereafter, bass player Emanuele Elia and keyboardist Adriano “Roll” Nolli joined the project.

They began as a cover band, playing known and lesser-known songs from the world of rock, blues, and country, until the band finally decided to test the waters with their original songs.

A few years later, after some changes within the band, drummer Daniel Sapone became the final member, completing the official Ramrod line-up.

Their passion for music began in childhood. At the young age of 10-13, the musical group began composing their first songs, while dedicating themselves to musical studies.

Their love for rock and blues, in all its innumerable shades, has always been a part of their lives. Not only on the stage, but everywhere they go. The band describes their musical work as a lifestyle and a guide.

  •         How would you describe your style?

The hardest question! Well, our style can be defined as a mix of Rock and Blues, with some Psychedelic and Prog influences. Sometimes you can hear a hint of Soul, too. It really depends on how we feel while composing, but it surely comes from the heart!

  •         Why do you do what you do?

Very simple, because Music makes me feel alive! Listening to music, writing songs and especially singing them are the only way I have to express myself.

Music is my savior and my blessing. I love creating a connection between us and the audience; in that moment people can feel what I’m feeling and this is truly gratifying, it’s a dance of emotions and it’s something that surely touches my soul.

  •         Ambition or talent: which matters more to you?

If you have talent and no ambition, then you’re a wasted talent!  They must go together, if you don’t have one of them, then all your efforts will be in vain. You have to play all your cards to reach your goals (and believe in yourself, that’s very important.)

  •         What inspires you to create music?

Many things, I’m very sensitive and emotional so, as soon as my soul vibrates, I feel the extreme urge to write down my feelings or to sing them directly. Most of the time songs come from a sense of pain and sadness. As everybody knows, music was one of the first means of expression of the human soul, especially in the dark times (this is probably the reason why I feel a spiritual connection with blues music)

Then, obviously, it comes from all the good vibrations I feel during my life too, such as beauty, love, strength and especially the sensation of freedom. When I feel free, my brain starts working like a crazy sending me one million ideas, I LOVE IT!
My life and what I experience in my own skin are my main sources of inspiration.

  •         How did you find the scouting process in Rehegoo?

Absolutely fantastic! Besides feeling very lucky and excited for this new collaboration, we really have to say that Rehegoo’s staff is super nice and professional, the process has been very easy and fast Dand for this reason we’d love to thank Veronica Perazzolo, the woman who discovered us and worked hard with us to make it possible! She’s great!

  •         How did you feel when signing a contract with Rehegoo?

Satisfied and curious at the same time! Happy to be part of a fresh and professional team and thrilled to know that our music will receive the right support!  Curious to see where the future will take us!

  •         What is the greatest achievement of your career so far?

The whole process, from the very first day until now. We’ve been able to do many amazing things as an independent band such as record two albums (the second one will be released soon) and tour in different countries of Europe with success. Then also being part of important festivals and events like the Pistoia Blues Festival and the Torrita Blues festival, and slowly building ourselves a career with our own efforts! That’s just great, but now it’s time for a step-up, like working with Rehegoo, and we also hope to bring our music to London someday! 

  •         What has been the biggest obstacle?

Trying to make music in a country where Rock Blues is still considered a lesser- known music genre, and especially introducing our own repertoire of original songs. It’s always hard to captivate peoples’ interest with something that they have never heard before, because it means they have to get out of their comfort zone to discover something new. 

  •         What is the best and worst gig you have ever played?

Best gig? Many! Just to mention one of the latest, the one we had at “Guitar Heroes Festival” in the North of Germany.
It has been special for many reasons, we had a blast on stage, and the audience was amazing, a bomb of energy from the first song to the last one.  We met great artists and great people, a magical place.
Then, talking about big emotions, that time we performed for FIAT MUSIC on the historical stage of the “Ariston Theatre” of Sanremo, one of the most important theatres of Italy, during the show “Roxy Bar” directed by the music journalist Red Ronnie. Something we’ll never forget!
Worst one? That time I had to sing completely voiceless! I was super sick and I could barely talk, we had to tune down all the instruments, a real nightmare!

  •         What is your worst and best fan moment?

Best fan moment? Every time we’re performing far away from home or in other countries and the people from the audience ask for some of our songs during the show and sing along with us. That’s always beautiful. Or when some fans drive hours and hours just to see us on stage, we feel very lucky to have such a great group of music lovers who support us with the heart!
About the worst one, I can’t actually say that there has been a bad one, we’ve always had good feedback from the audience, but I would say  that probably at the very beginning, when we presented our original songs for the first time, it was a challenge because we didn’t know if people are  going to like them or not, but fortunately it went well!

  •         What is your favorite song of yours?

Ok, THIS is the most difficult question! Impossible to tell, but I can give you some titles of the songs of our album “First Fall” that I particularly love: “Tell Your Son” for the meaning, “October”  for the deep and personal bond I have with it and “The Cave” because we’re really proud of both the music and the lyrics!
The other ones will come with the second album.


A fusion of classic rock and blues, with a taste of soul and a hint of psychedelic rock and prog is the recipe for Ramrod’s sound! Martina and Marco  grew up listening to rock music, which inspired them to begin writing their own.

Musically influenced by historical bands like The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, the Italian PFM and many others, and vocally inspired by singers like Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Nina Simone, they started creating their unique sound with the desire to mix classic rock and blues styles with modern vibes.

Everyone in the band adds his or her personal touch, and the result is a perfect blend of their musical influences.

Most of their songs are derived from real and personal life experiences that everyone can relate to. To them, nothing is more genuine than a song written with the heart to free your soul from pain, sadness or disillusion, but also to shout to the world your joy, your resurgence and your desire to spread love.

Songs are an important means of communication and for Ramrod, feelings come first — these are the guidelines of their philosophy, and they are not afraid to bare their soul from the darkest to the brightest point of view.

In 2016 they released their debut album “First Fall” and they began traveling around Italy and Europe, introducing their music to different countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain and France, spreading energy and pleasing crowds.

This project has carried them to the stages of some of the world’s biggest stages for Rock and Blues. In 2017 they performed on the legendary stage at the “Pistoia Blues Festival”, Italy’s most prominent rock and blues fest.

That same year, they played the main square stage of Mestre (Venice) and the majestic stage of the Italian theatre “Ariston” for FIAT MUSIC, during the “Roxy Bar” show, directed by the Italian musical-journalist Red Ronnie.

In the summer of 2018 they joined the line-up at the “Torrita Blues Festival,” sharing the stage with many artists, including big names like Popa Chubby and the Animals.

After their last tour around Europe, they began recording their second album “Jet Black,” set for release in 2019.