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Collaborating with Rehegoo Music Group gives you the chance to get noticed by a larger audience and build your worldwide following.

What can we do for you?
Well here’s how we will promote you:
1)Creating albums or compilations with your music and publishing them on music platforms like iTunes, Spotify & TIDAL. You get paid your share, per your contract, for every download and stream.

2)Our brand new Rehegoo Streaming Music platform, where you can join our commercial licensing programs-reaching an even wider audience. Every time a store plays your tracks, you earn!

Rehegoo Streaming is a great way to enhance your reputation. Your music will have the chance to be heard at events, venues and on advertisements.

You will have the full support of our Marketing Team. Their expert knowledge of the current market trends will give your music the best chance to be heard globally by those who want to hear it.

Our team of multi-talented graphic designers are able to design unique album covers to suit the mood and genre of your music, delivering a personalised artistic touch to your work.

Any queries about your collaboration with us are handled by our dedicated Talent Management Team-they are here to assist you every step of the way, whilst our Contracts Department will ensure you know everything you need to know about your partnership with us.

If you require any initial assistance, please also check our FAQs section below.

Feel free to send us a message; we can’t wait to hear from you!

Contact our Talent Management dept.

Rehegoo Music Cooperation - FAQ

1. What is Rehegoo Music?
Rehegoo Music Group is a globally recognised music publisher that specialises in producing and distributing the musical work of up and coming artists via online music stores, streaming services and sync platforms. Our fiercely passionate team is driven by a constant thirst for innovation and creativity with an extensive knowledge of cutting-edge developments in the field of music and technology. Rehegoo Music Group was founded in 2014 by Italian entrepreneur Marco Rinaldo, who since an early age has had an immense passion for composing and producing music. Marco’s vision of giving the opportunity for all artists to be heard has seen Rehegoo grow at a rapid rate. Our albums & singles consistently occupying the TOP 100 charts in their respective genres
2. How did you find me?
Members of our specialised Market Research Team are dedicated to constantly looking for new talent. Whether your existing work is on social media, streaming platforms or personal websites, they will be looking out for you! If we contact you, it means we liked what we listened to and want to hear more. We hope this leads onto long term co-operation with one another.
3. Will I have to pay any money for the services you provide?
No, you don't have to pay any fees. The greatest benefit of our partnership with you, other than giving you the best possibilities to promote yourself - is that Rehegoo Music Streaming platform is free for artists to upload their music!
4. What are the step-by-step procedures?
Once a research specialist has contacted you, they will guide you through each step. After our initial contact, we will require some more information about you and your music in the form of a few simple questions that help us to get to know you better. From this point on we can give you a clear idea of how we plan to promote you. Next, we will take you through the precise details of the association, explaining the terms of your contract and any other queries you may have. After that, we will request a couple more of your original tracks and then we are all set to start publishing your music!
5. What will Rehegoo offer?
There are two ways to promote your music. The first is to create (compilation) albums with your music and publish them on, platforms such as: Google Play, Amazon, & Spotify. For every download & stream your music gets, you earn. Second is our Rehegoo Streaming Platform, where your music is played in stores in Europe and Worldwide. Your tracks are assigned to uniquely curated playlists to suit the ambience of restaurants, spas, hotels and many other businesses. The more your songs are played the more you earn, with you paid directly via the platform. Rehegoo streaming is a perfect way for you to receive maximum exposure. Your music will be played at events and venues, considerably increasing the range of your audience.
6. Will my music be distributed only in digital format or also CD / Vinyl?
Currently our artist’s music is solely distributed digitally. With over 3 billion streaming plays annually and 2.5 million albums & tracks sold, digital distribution is the most effective channel for you to be heard.
7. Where will you upload my music?
Onto Rehegoo Streaming and the following digital platforms that we are in partnership with: Google Play, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Akazoo, iTunes, Claro Musica, Pandora, Shazam, Beatport (for EDM compilation albums) and more.
8. When will you upload my music on Rehegoo Music Streaming platform and other platforms?
It depends on the specifics of an album, playlist or compilation. We are not only ‘’distributing’’ your music; sometimes marketing procedures such as creating the album covers and other graphic content means it might take a week or two before our Marketing Specialists are ready to publish a new album. Our Talent Management team will keep you updated as to when and where your music is going to be published. The Rehegoo Streaming platform is set to launch very soon and you could be one of the first to be part of this exciting new community of artists. We are constantly on the search for new artists and you have an opportunity to be one of the first to be promoted on this platform!
9. How will you pay me?
You will be paid according to the terms of your contract which details how much you will receive per download/stream and depending on what platform (Rehegoo Streaming or others i.e. iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal etc) your music is published.
10. Do I have to travel to your headquarters to cooperate?
No, you don't. Rehegoo's offices are based in Europe. We use specialised software systems that enable us to reach people in every corner of the world. Contracts can be signed digitally whatever your distance to us.
11. How do I get paid from compilation album with different artists?
The full royalty will be split between the number of tracks per album. For example, if it is a compilation of 10 songs and the download price is $10 and the share stated in the contract is 50%, each track gets $0,50. The final amount is based on the % share stated in your contract with Rehegoo.
12. Can I use DJ mixes, remixes or covers?
Unless you have permission from all concerned parties, it is not possible to upload songs with uncleared samples. You are welcome to upload remixes of your own work. However, if your remix is of another artist's song, or contains any part of another artist's original music without clearance, we are not able to use it. It is your responsibility to only send us music you have rights to.
13. How can I access the statistics and profits?
Rehegoo’s Payment and Analysis team will send you a report of your music’s performance on a regular basis. Also, the Rehegoo Streaming interface for the artist displays a detailed breakdown of your streaming, downloads and earnings.
14. Do you register my songs with Performing Rights Organization? E.G. ASCAP/ SIAE / BMI
No, we do not register your music with any agency or organization. We are the sole distributor. You don't need to be registered with any Performing Rights Organizations in order to collect your earnings.