The Furman Group

Q&A with Artists

When did your adventure with Music begin?
My adventure began at the age of 7. When I went to music school. There, I started playing the violin and I stayed for 12 years in this school. Then it was at the State Music School in Bielsko-Biała. I graduated from the conducting academy in Katowice and I still practice the profession in which I was educated in. My main instrument was the violin.
However, the real adventure began when I met The Furman Group. The Furman Group is a music group from Bielsko, it just needed a violinist. Meeting The Furman Group however showed me that I was absolutely not a made for classic music, although I still play it today, but it expanded my horizons. This also showed me the world of blue grass, country music, and also entertainment music. I understood that this is my place, playing music in such a loose interpretation.

Would you recommend a musical education for a beginner artist?
Music School is a place for people who really do not know their career path yet. This career is usually connected with playing in an orchestra, or teaching people to play instruments. Of course, there are outstanding individuals, one in a million, who are going to make a career in classical music, but it is very difficult, because the classics is a very demanding field. Music school gives, but also takes a little.
However, I also wanted to say one very important thing. I have my own private school where I teach violin, piano and voice emission, I recommend music education to all people, because it is proved by the scientists that playing the instruments and singing develops the brain. It’s great for our children.

Do you have many awards and which one is the most valuable for you?
I had a lot of prizes, a lot, both in Poland, at festivals in the Czech Republic, usually as the best instrumentalist. As Bi Bi singers, we won a lot of first prizes. To be honest, the biggest reward for me are people around. I’ve had many awards in my life, but you receive the reward, enjoy the moment and go home… and wondering what’s next? I go to rehearsal or the concert, and I’m happy. I managed to get together with such people and we all feel the same. It seems to me that there no greater gratification then when you are able to share your joy with someone.

In addition to a solo career, which project gives you the most pleasure?
Working with Rehegoo is definitely something that I’ve enjoyed a lot. I have been working with them for three years now like this opportunity was created just for me. I love making music and I can compose a lot of different melodies. I record albums, which is something truly wonderful for me. One such album, ‘The 7 Saddest Melodies in the World’, reflects my inner self and plenty of devotion. I’ve composed it for the people in Syria, who suffered a lot. Producing these songs was a very spiritual and emotional experience for me. However, I also adore the music that we create with The Furman Group, it is like my second nature.

What do you like the most about music?
The production comes first, and the touring is next. It is something that I just love to do. I am crazy on the stage. People asked me if I’m sober, but I do not care. I’m an expressive person, I just dance, I’m happy about it, it’s just my life. I feel the music completely. That’s for sure. I also like to teach music, both adults and children. I’m doing something that I love so I don’t consider it a job. Although, if I have to choose, it will be touring and creating music

Do you have any good and bad things from your tours?
Personally, I do not remember the sad ones, I do not focus on unpleasant things, I know, most situations like that are about a lack of communication. Conflicts happen all the time. Thankfully I am such a person who tries to always find a compromise. People should just respect each other.
On the other hand, I absolutely feed myself with funny situation and pleasant experiences. Most of them happen while riding a motorcycle (The Furman Group now releases a project addressed to motorcyclists – have you ever heard a riff based on running motocycle engine?)
There are many positive situations during tours – they give me a kick to act because I’m moved by love, it’s that sometimes people selflessly are able to help you. I think that if a man opens himself, the positive energy returns.

You write music in many styles, can you tell in which one you feel best?
I think it seems like we love all music, and that’s what the Furman Group is about. We are a band playing blue grass, new grass, country, heading more into rock. The older I get the more I get driven towards heavy music. The group is already going in so many directions.
I do not close myself in one type of music because I believe it makes my songs more diversed. Recently, I’m into Irish sounds, but I tend to shift them my way.

How did your cooperation with Rehegoo Music help you?
It helped me a lot, in general it made me realize that I love creating music very much. I was keen on music before, because I had a lot of projects for children, for example, ‘touchable songs’ for children who suffer from blindness. Only Rehegoo made me realize that creating comes to me with great ease. This company offered me a contract that opened many different ways for me (they provide helpful information about social media, online streaming servieces and so on). However If you are a musician, you need to play your own part. What I mean is you need to define yourself and gradually develop – If you want more people to follow you, try to be more and more visable and creative. Search for an exposure that suits you, for example, give live shows, contact press or convince radio stations to play your song. It makes wonders for me.

Thanks so much for your time !